Saturday, 16 May 2015


After a long day then sometimes the only thing that will do is a walk on the beach, I love the long shadows the evening sun makes.

A charity shop find finally had a makeover, and it's big brother rescued from a skip got covered to match.  They are incredibly useful as the cats really like to sleep on them, which means I stand a chance of getting to sit on the sofa.

The cats also like to sit on the fence.  Freddie also likes to do yoga on the fence it seems....

I am helping with an allotment plot with the local ranger group, we need to make a scarecrow and it is very tempting to make one like this.

Finally. Bluebells. The only free morning I had this week was spent hunting for them.
Time well spent. x

Friday, 1 May 2015

Whatever it May be.

Hello May.
I am not at all sure about some of these things about May.... I'm not that keen on new, or frightening, and especially not incredibly frightening/life threatening. Nor am I likely to break out any dance moves.  Breakfasting alfresco I could cope with (if the weather would please warm up), simple pleasures day I'm happy to embrace, and even complicated pleasures day. I definitely like the sound of  lie in sunbeams day, although I hope it doesn't clash with International frisbee day because that would spoil the sunbeam lying...

in reality May  is to be filled with GSCE's for Miss K, and exam invigilating for me, and thus there will be much need for cake.  and also shopping for shoes. for Prom. Sometimes to get through things you have to focus on what's at the end. (ok so it's the end is in June, but that's ok, there will be plenty of cake)

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


plum blossoms.

I counted five.  Quality not quantity?

Thursday, 9 April 2015


All of a sudden everywhere is green. 

New lavender shoots.

Delicate cow parsley fronds.

The heavenly fragrance of lemon balm.

Vibrant parsley.

Silvery green thyme.

Purple tinged green fennel.

Lush dark kale.

Alien like rhubarb emerging wrinkled from tight buds.

 Fresh green mint.

If I had to think of a colour to describe Spring it would be green x

Monday, 6 April 2015

just for the record

The academic recently went through the Universities promotion review.

A personal chair is awarded specifically to an individual in recognition of their high levels of achievements and standing in their particular area or discipline.

The concept of an academic chair originated with the medieval church. 
Teaching was said to take place ex cathedra (from the chair), because each bishop had a throne (cathedra) in his principal church. 

Appropriate celebrations include cake.

to J - the newly appointed Professor of Cancer Genetics.
I am immensely proud of you.

with thanks to Alice for the use of the blog title, and the inspiration for the style of this post.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

what will April shower us with?

In April we must have a "spot shapes in clouds day",  and a "practise your evil laugh day" - I don't need to practise, I am an expert already,  there is a "leave a penny for someone to find day" and a "plant something and watch it grow day" - I hope to do lots of these days!

But mostly I hope to "be spontaneous and inspiring and happy and generally nice to be around".
So that's my plan for April, what's yours?

Monday, 30 March 2015

Marching by

oh March, how did you whizz past so fast? You were a blur of sequins, of wild winds, and grey days, of tiny hints of spring, and snuggling in blankets watching the rain lashing down and yet some days you were warm enough to lose a few layers and hands were warm enough in glove buddies (pattern here on the lovely Hawthorn Spellweaver's blog.) March you were filled with cake, and cheesy scones, and rockbuns, and more cake, including a very special one. More to follow on that one.....