Sunday, 14 December 2014

party no. 2. the boy party, as planned by the teenage boy.

party planning by the teenage boy.

menu - junk food essential. the invitation read "eat junk food and get obese"

crisp - potatoes are a vegetable!
chocolate orange - oranges are a fruit!
cheese & onion crisps - onions are a vegetable! and cheese is protein
no mushrooms
sausage rolls
ice cream sundaes


the magazine game - (each team has a pile of old magazines, and a list of silly things to find and tear out, eg. fish, queen, dog, bra, chocolate cake, pink shoes, first team to find all items wins )

competitive paper chains (2 teams, 2 rolls of selotape, strips of paper, 5 minutes, longest chain wins)
ultimate nerd quiz (2 per team, literature, science, entertainment and music rounds)
starburst game (2 teams, each with a packet of sweets, race to unwrap all the sweets, each team member has a go in turn, whilst wearing fluffy winter socks on their hands. eating sweets optional!)
pass the sweet spoon game (teamwork game, pass the sweet in a circle from a plastic spoon held in mouth)
cucumber game (as above but pass a cucumber between the knees)
empire - each person chooses a character they want to be, a list of the characters is passed around and they have to guess who everyone is.
pictionary - draw incomprehensible pictures for people to guess what they are.
cling film pass the parcel- layers of cling film with sweets between the layers, throw one on a dice, put on the gloves and try and unwrap a layer before the next person manages to throw a one.

 party followed by collapsing on sofa with large cup of tea and pretending not to notice the chaos the house is in...........

Sunday, 7 December 2014

party no.1

ingredients for sweet sixteen party.

cupcakes with sprinkles

preparation is the key

enthusiastic assembling

happy devouring

pink creativity

with all evidence taken home at the end of the night.

an evening of sugary happiness for all x

Friday, 28 November 2014

this week

this week I've

  • put up the fairy lights. I couldn't stand the gloom and grey any longer. by calling them fairy lights and not Christmas lights I can avoid the no decorations till after the birthdays rule. (which I made so I can break)
  • driven a 70 mile round trip for an outpatient appointment which I think lasted 2 minutes and 37 seconds. teenage boy is now cleared to play sports but he hasn't told his teacher yet.....
  • ordered pink striped bags for the sweet making extravaganza, to ensure some of the sweets get taken away.
  • made felt robins for a friends craft stall and wished I'd kept one for myself.
  • been bought chocolate by a very sweet friend
  • bought tickets for the local youth theatre production and driven teenage boy to and from rehearsals.
  • drunk a lot of tea
  • not eaten any cake............... this really needs remedying.........
  • finally put some stock into my woefully neglected folksy shop
  • drunk a lot of tea. oops did I say that already.....

Sunday, 23 November 2014

party planned - the girl party.

I ordered this book for Miss K's party. My hope is that this is going to be secret weapon in entertaining the sixteen year old girls.

sweet sixteen!

think peppermint creams, coconut ice, chocolate fudge, honeycomb and caramel popcorn.

I have a few weeks to go through the recipes, and to calculate the ridiculous amounts of icing sugar I need to buy.

In case that won't be enough sugar there's a plan for a DIY ice cream sundae feast.

Think tall glasses, ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge sauce, fresh fruit, grated chocolate, and the cutest ever striped straws you ever did see.

and cake. there'll be cake too. and because I'm not completely mad something with vegetables in......

now to plan the boy party.....

thanks for all the sympathy about the conjunctivitis, it's much better now thank you. 
tea is the cure. really it is. you can drink it, and bathe your eyes in it. 

who knew. tea really is magic.

Friday, 21 November 2014

friday random

this week.

amount of cake eaten at gluten free food fair/cake hunt - too much....
amount of hours that both children have been well this week - too few....
amount of pain it is possible to be in when you have conjunctivitis - too much....
amount of times someone can say to you "oh my, your eyes are red" - too many...
number of photos I've taken this week that I could put on this post to make it pretty/interesting/less dull - none....
number of times I've tried to think of something to post about and failed - several...
number of children's birthday parties I am trying to organize - two...
number of ideas for birthday parties - one...

I am going in search of inspiration, motivation and energy.

I may be some time.

if you think I am taking too long please send a search party.

and maybe one of those dogs with a barrel of whisky around it's neck.

Friday, 14 November 2014

seeing stars

this week I have stolen a few moments to play with stars.

the more there are, the happier they make me.

other things coming up this weekend to make me happy; taking the stars to show a friend and going on a cake hunt.  I like cake hunts. They're less dangerous than bear hunts.

hope your weekend is lovely, and that you find cake too. x

Sunday, 9 November 2014

lest we forget

To remember the past is to commit ourselves to the future.
To remember war is to commit ourselves to peace.
To remember violence and tyranny is to commit ourselves to love.
Let us promise to strive for peace in our world starting in our hearts and in our homes.
Let us promise to build peace into our community, our neighbourhoods, our county and our world.