Monday, 16 March 2009

a different kind of weekend

well my plans for the weekend changed, and instead we drove to J's parents for the weekend. packing at short notice was never one of my strong points, but I remember E's medicines which was the one thing I was neurotic about leaving behind. Miss K decided that she felt left out of the illness game, and was dramatically ill in Tescos when we popped in just before we set off, to buy J's mum flowers for an early mothers day gift, and calpol, as we'd run out.....
by the time we finally got there it was late, everyone was tired, the skies were grey, and the wind biting cold, and we spent the rest of the day putting logs on the fire, and drinking tea.

Sunday morning both children seemed brighter, and the skies definitely were, so we set off for a little explore, finding newborn lambs, (I love the way the mum with black legs has a white lamb, and the mum with white legs has a black lamb!)

J's old school,

a huge hill to climb and then run down at breakneck speed......... I couldn't watch........

we wandered along the river banks

and through the woods, where we found crocuses

nestled under the beech trees

showing off their bright colours like hidden gems in the fallen leaves.
all that fresh air was clearly too much for Miss K, as she is now in bed, whinging A LOT, she's a much worse patient than E, somehow I think it will take more than a bit of gentle monster designing to cheer her up, chocolate maybe!


  1. Poor kiddies. I hope they enjoyed the nature and sunny day despite their illnesses. Hope everyone will be well soon.

  2. Those crocuses are beautiful. And what an amazing hill! I hope everyone is feeling better very soon. K x

  3. Hope your babies are feeling better today. We have wonderful weather here, hope you do too. x

  4. I don't like the look of that hill either

  5. The lambs! The crocuses (croci? no, maybe not)! Spring appears to be springing with a vengeance o'er there. Hope you're surviving this latest round of illness, chocolate/wine/tea in hand...

  6. I hope your little ones are better soon. Thank you for sharing your lovely pic's, I don't think Spring is to far away.

  7. Wonderful photos! Hope everyone is better soon--hope chocolate does the trick!

  8. oh dear, hope they both ok now -- so happy that spring is here , doesn't it make you feel happy inside :-)
    lisa x

  9. Hope you sweets are feeling better soon! :o) Loved seeing these signs of spring...*sigh*... :o)

  10. Aww, poor little people. I have a ill-ish one today too - let's hope they all recover very soon!

    Gorgeous crocuses. They make such a difference.


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