Sunday, 10 May 2009

buttons will never be the same again..........

it's been a very buttony weekend.

some of us read this,

whilst the youngest family member preferred this.

some of us were frightened by these

and some by the buttony eyes...........

when the stories had been read there followed a debate, 2D or 3D.
2D won - less scary we thought............

later we discussed the need for a boy character in the film when he isn't in the book.

and then we watched a different kind of button, scary in a faster sort of way.


  1. Coraline scares me silly, and I've only seen little clips. But then, I am a big wuss.

  2. That's just freaky-weird. I am joining DC in wussdom, pronto.

    (Also freaky-weird: my word verif is "bideti." Is that Italian for bidet?)

  3. Coraline scares me a bit too, I guess I am a bit of a scaredy cat.

  4. I really want to see it. Didn't realised it was by Neil Gaiman - I usually like his stuff.

  5. My son went and saw Coraline on Saturday 'blimey' I nearly had nightmares when he recounted the story!

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  6. The children adn I saw a trailer for Coraline when we went to see Monsters & Aliens over Easter. Just the trailer scared all of us silly and gave C nightmares!

    I watched the other Button do his thing yesterday too - so exciting!

  7. Ah. Better watch the trailer then. Because Eldest has seen the posters and wants to go, and she is the biggest film wuss around.

  8. I really want to see this, although I am the biggest scaredy cat known to man, so thinking more and more it might be a bad move!

  9. I'd have to say I'm a wuss, too. I couldn't watch the clips for the movie!

  10. The girls and I saw the preview in 3D..looks to scary for us! Would be interesting to read the book though.

  11. The button eyes are the stuff of nightmares. I haven't seen, or read this, but I really feel I should. Just hope I'll be able to sleep at night afterwards!


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