Saturday 27 November 2010


craft fair - cancelled

my parents visit - cancelled

my friends 40th birthday party - cancelled

my trip to the city for lunch with a friend/John Lewis/birthday and Christmas shopping - cancelled

E's cub pack holiday - cancelled

school yesterday - cancelled

these are yesterdays photos, there's more now......................
I have eaten lots of cake to compensate, and because of all the shovelling I don't feel at all guilty about the calories, perhaps snow isn't that bad after all xxx


  1. Hello?
    Are you there?
    Hell oh oh...

    Just checking that you've not turned into a snowman. Or an icicle.

    Sorry it's spoilt everything but you have to admit it does look mighty pretty.


  2. Crikey - now that 'is' snow!!

    I'm still hoping and wishing we get some - this poor old Southener is feeling mighty left out.

    Here's to rescheduling.

    Nina xxx

    ps. off to facebook to see some more!

  3. we've got about 8/9" and it's still snowing ... pity about everything being cancelled but you know everything in the UK comes to a stanstill when you get a few flakes !! Love the pic of the tree in the field

  4. poor you, so much cancelled....we had a flurry today, more expected, my first craft fair is on tuesday so it could be a real wash out...months of work for zilch.....oh well !!!!

  5. We don't have any snow (Glos)

  6. Oh dear. But I'm still envious! K x

  7. Oh no! How sad. So many nice things due to happen xx

  8. ours looks pathetic compared to this! sorry it has spoilt lots for you but I have to say it looks so lovely!

  9. Oh, you poor thing. But I hope that at least you get to relax a bit at home and craft and drink lots of nice tea.

    We just had some frost on the ground and shrubs today - I so much hope the dry weather stays with us for a very very long time.

  10. Wow - that's quite a bit of the white stuff! It does look pretty though.
    We've hardly had any.
    Happy cake eating xx

  11. That amount of snow looks unbelievable to me, the look of Christmas cards, especially the letterbox! I guess it's enforced hibernation, time for creativity? Good for family time too.

  12. very important to stock up on calories, especially when you don't know how long the food will last! Love the snowy bunting x

  13. Impressive snow! Love the bird table pic.


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