Tuesday 29 May 2012

busy busy busy

good grief it has been busy busy busy round here lately.
there have been ridiculous outfits, and severe expansion of comfort zones as I do new and scary things,

like singing on stage.............

there have been trips to distant railway stations to meet special people and wave flags.

there have  been ancient monuments to visit, the highlight of which was definitely the latrines - well for the youngest boy at least!

trips to the North Sea; big, blue and impossibly cold.

and there has plenty of feasting.

In truth it has been mostly about the feasting.

with the occasional wild animal sighting........


  1. Ghost? The musical I mean :D
    There are some mighty scary looking beasts up north .. of the animal variety of course. You look lovely but I bet your husband got a bit freaked out x

  2. Seems to be a busy week...and all the feasting on top! Watch out for those lurking monsters! Joan

  3. I wish you'd elaborate on what you were doing dressed as a nun while singing - it all sounds very curious! x

    1. "How do you solve a problem like Maria? how do you catch a cloud and pin it down?"

  4. Hahaha -- what's the Nun outfit all about???? Sounds like you've been busy and having lots of fun!

  5. I laughed at the image of animal sightings. Funny


  6. How I wish I had been right there with you, eating those scones.

  7. Most excellent jayhawk + tiger tail moment!

    And most excellent visit with you and yours, Tess. Thank you again for taking such good care of us.


  8. Nuns, loos and snakes, all in the same post ... kudos!

  9. Not the Sound of Music??? I am soooo envious!!

  10. Live.....on stage - blimey!

    Enjoy the weekend merriments,

    Nina xxx

  11. Yikes singing on stage, that sounds terrifying, well done. - Annie

  12. Super adventures, Tess! On stage, singing before many... Oh, you are brave! I don't think I could do that! The Sound of Music, was it? My current adventures seem relatively tame compared to all this. ;o) We're just back from our trip the US. Lovely to catch up here with you! ((HUGS))


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