Friday, 20 July 2012

last day

So it's here, Miss K's last day of middle school. When we moved here I knew she'd have three years there before moving up, and it seemed like that time would last forever.

I guess it didn't.
In this time we've had our share of tears and plenty of homework traumas. Thankfully these are vastly outnumbered now by the great friendships she's made, the fun of piano lessons at school, the discovery that actually she Is good at maths,  and science, and the spelling will come, eventually, I hope.....

We made some little cases to hold a special treat for the teachers, can you guess what's inside?

chocolate of course! what else.....

and now I'm going to pop out and buy some more chocolate, as I think that actually Miss K might need an end of term treat too. (and me!)

hope all your last days are going well if you're having them, and roll on the summer I say xxx


  1. What a wonderful Teacher's gift idea. A chocolate pouch - I love it.
    Violet doesn't break up until next Wednesday. I'm going to be a complete emotional wreak as the Nursery children will be putting on a little leaving concert.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend. xx

  2. Very cute -- I'll bet the teachers will love it!

  3. Oh Tess, they're lovely - lucky teachers! I too am on the leaving school making shift, though my leaver is only 11 - different school system in these parts. Like you say, how quickly this time has passed, but hopefully how happy they'll be in 'big school'!

    Right, where's that sun gone?!...

  4. A pouch for essential chocolate - genius! Enjoy the summer - mine are so tired and tearful, I think they must be the only children in the area not cheering because its the end of school. We all need a treat too!

  5. What lovely gifts. Enjoy the summer, I think the sun must come back soon :-)

  6. congrats to you both on making it through!

    ah, it always seems like it'll be aaaages before (whatever) that time comes around. lol

    happy weekend.

  7. And there I was thinking you had gone and bought all the teachers an iPhone... Ax

  8. Congrats, lovely Miss K!

    Here's to happy holidays for all, with outrageous amounts of chocolate (and maybe treats from the Strawberry Lounge?).

  9. Lovely presents...
    My eldest has just finished Juniours this week too, I think I have been more upset than him, he is so looking forward to Seniors...


  10. Really? Have it been three years? Time seems to be speeding up. Enjoy your holidays and best of luck with the high school. Are many of her friends going to be in the same school?

  11. Such lovely pressies for the teachers. Have a great summer, fingers crossed the weather perks up. Enjoy your high school miss k, it really is the best years of your life. x

  12. aaawww...Miss K growing and going up... :o) Who wouldn't love chocolate as a gift?! LOVELY chocolate cozies--very clever idea, Tess. Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))


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