Saturday 8 June 2013

It's time for Moonwalk Edinburgh!

Moonwalk day has arrived.
The sun is shining.
The mermaid outfits are finished.

The arrival of the crocheted fish from dottycookie had me squealing with excitement.

In the interests of modesty, and in order not to frighten anyone away I haven't posted a photo of me modelling the outfit, but here is my bra - everyone wears a decorated bra to increase awareness of breast cancer,

and here is the complete outfit, with a silk shrug for a little warmth, and a long blue/green mermaid plait.  Just need to add some sparkly makeup and the transformation will be complete.

Tonight whilst you are sleeping in your beds I shall be walking 26.2 miles around Edinburgh (up Arthur's Seat, and along the coast) starting at about midnight and hopefully finishing at around 8am.  It has been lovely having you along with me virtually on all my training walks, all 492 miles of them, and thank you so much to those who have sponsored me. It means such a lot to me to know that every mile walked will make a difference to the future of breast cancer treatments.

Wish me luck, hopefully I'll be back tomorrow - with  a medal.

you can read more about my fund raising and sponsor me here - thank you xxxx


  1. Hi Tess,

    Love your mermaid outfit and what a wonderful thing you are doing for the future of helping with breast cancer treatment,
    Wishing you much luck and look forward to seeing a photo.
    A few years ago I made a bear for a fundraiser for NZ Breast cancer foundation.

    Happy weekend

  2. OOO good luck, that will be a beautiful walk and i love the outfit it is fantastic, the little fish swimming in the skirt are my favourite. - Annie

  3. Pllllleeeeeeaaaaasssssse post a pic of your mermaidy gorgeousness. Please? It is the most fabulous costume and you are doing the most amazing thing. Much love and good luck to you m'dear. Ax

  4. Spectacular!!! Have fun. I'll be awake and thinking of you for the first half of your walk! xo

  5. You go girl! Hope it went well! Will you keep the walking up? X

  6. Good luck- hope it all goes well- loving the costume :)

  7. Hello! Did it go well? Looking forward to reports of mermaidy gorgeousness and célébrations.

  8. I missed the chance to say good luck beforehand, but thankfully not too late to sponsor you - hope it was an awesome night!

  9. Oh WOW! I SO wish I lived near you -- I'd LOVE to do that. And for a good cause! I love your outfit -- all beady and sparkly. Beautiful!

  10. Such a gorgeous mermaid outfit. I hope you walked well and enjoyed every minute of it. T x

  11. What a fabulous outfit! I hope the walk went well. It will be so much fun to read about it.


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