Wednesday 4 June 2014

final preparations

final preparation for the moonwalk
costume is finished.
 (black leggings will replace jeans)

bumbag is being stuffed with essential things. 
(tissues, plasters, camera, oat cakes, jelly babies)

a little crochet fish from Dottycookie last year will be coming too, 
he's been tied to my bumbagand has done all the training.

20 mile training walk done.

with very few photos.

but truly beautiful beaches.

ending with a very welcome paddle .

I just need to work on my rain dance though now, to drive away the storms that are forecast for the weekend, I'm thinking perhaps a aquaman costume with a wet suit would have been a better choice of superhero.


  1. That is an amazing body Missus- aquaman would not do it justice. Hope the bumbag is big enough for many many jelly babies. Ax

  2. Marvellous Tess. Good luck.

  3. I hope that it is a great success and that you raise lots of money and most of all that your little fish enjoys it! xx

  4. Wonderful! I like the sound of the jelly babies and the little fish!
    Good luck, Tess!
    Helen xox

  5. Oh how fun! I hope you have a grand time -- and don't need the plasters!

  6. What a stupendous costume! Sheesh, how I hope it doesn't rain. Rain down the cleavage is not to be recommended

  7. Oh my, what beautiful photos. Acres and acres of sea and sky. They made me take a really deep breath and sigh it out slowly. Good luck with the moonwalk, I hope it goes really well. CJ xx

  8. Oh my word, those beaches! Here's wishing you exactly the right weather for the Moonwalk, and absolutely no blisters.

  9. Good luck! I thought you'd never top last year's outfit, but I think you might have x

  10. Good luck on the Moonwalk; the costume looks fabulous as does the cat in its. How did you get it to agree to wear it? Hoping for sunshine, cool breezes and no rain for you. And plenty of beaches to bathe sore feet in. :-)


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