Wednesday, 15 October 2008

science experiments.

One of Miss K's favourite books is the girls book .
and a few weeks ago we carefully followed all the instructions to grow crystals on a pebble.

so I'm wondering why we have the most beautifully crystallized pencil!

maybe this will be more sucessful!

more grown up "science" has been going on too with a recipe for sloe gin.

it's such fun watching it get pinker and pinker!


  1. Fabulous pencil! I always used to like those crystal growing trees and sheep and so on. We recently did something similar to grow stalactites, and one of these days I'll post the pics - when I've worked out how to fit an extra hour into the day.

    Pass the gin ;-)

  2. Ack! Tess! This is too weird. Inspired by The Dangerous Book for Boys, Big Lad did that same experiment a few weeks ago, then forgot about it until yesterday. He fetched his jars from the back porch and took stock of his crystals. I took photos, and toyed with including them in a post about what we do when it's rainy and one of us is sickish. So my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw your photo! (Love the pencil!!)

  3. What went on with the pencil then?! My airing cupboard has, in the past, been a factory of crystal-growing experiments!
    Oh, and I love sloe gin...

  4. That is a very spooky pencil indeed! I like the sound of sloe gin.

  5. Looks like I've got all these things to come too!! Pencil is cool though.
    Lisa x

  6. who needs rocks when you have a bottle of sloe gin?! Marvelous stuff-we make a bottle every year..really good if you have a cold or are watching the rugby outside! We are drinking a bottle from two years ago, it's really thick and syrupy now. Yum!x

  7. Great crystal pencil. Never had sloe gin; it looks tasty. How long do you have to leave it?

  8. Looks like fun..we've made crystal trees here before..that gin looks pretty good! :D

  9. We had more success with those crystal garden kits than the DIY method, personally I prefer the sloe gin.

  10. I love those crytal kits. Years ago i did one with a friend at when we had gone away for Christmas.It was a Christmas tree one and after thinking it had not worked we came down the following morning and were amazed at how well it took... we couldn't stop giggling.. it was wild! The girls book is great... i have a budding scientist in the house who want s to do lots of experiments too.lots of fun!
    ginny xx


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