Tuesday 26 June 2012

London highlights

travelling by tube.
the thing I love most about the tube is the font on the signs. how geeky is that.....

truly beautiful meringues in the V&A cafe.
there are no photos of the actual cakes that we ate, as they were too busy trying to blow away. I have never known a cup of tea could blow away, but apparently they can.

the oh so lovely yarn heaven that is Loop.
I was far to overwhelmed to actually buy anything.

 a shiny new red bus.

the olympic rings at Kew

toasting friendships


  1. It was such fun ....except the tea-blowing-away bit!

  2. Tea being blown away? Rally? In the south?? SO *so* lovely to meet you - we should have made a toast to a repeat meeting!

  3. That tea certainly travelled at speed didn't it? Do you remember that cute little mousy button? Aww.
    I had such a great time .. come down again?

  4. Oh how fun! I LOVE the V&A cafe -- I can't wait to get back there. I'm thinking I MUST have a meringue -- as a scone chaser LOL!

  5. How fabulous.... Those meringues look scrumptious!
    It sounds like you had an utterly lovely time....


    1. I am going to have to go back so I can have a meringue!

  6. You went to Loop! Can you believe that I've never been and I live in London. Sounds like you had fantastic time.

  7. Hello.
    I simply cannot believe that meringue eating did not happen. In fact, I am quite disappointed with you!
    The tube map is one of my best things and you are right, the font is Fab.

  8. Oh, so wonderful... and this has me missing London very much! I love the tube... the font, the chaos and just zipping around on trains. The V&A cafe...*sigh*... This all was such a lovely taste, Tess... Glad you had a great time. :o) ((HUGS))

  9. This looks lovely! And lucky you, going to Loop too!

  10. Great photos Tess. Looks like a fab trip. Those meringues look amazing - I'd have definitely ordered one or two of those! So jealous of your visit to Loop - I think I'd have been a little overwhelmed too. All those pretty things..........
    Jill x


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