Thursday, 6 September 2012

last 3 weeks

if anyone knows what happened to the last 3 weeks of the holidays please let me know.
I lost them somewhere.

I thought things would return to normal when school started,
but I had an ill child at home all day today.

we have a visiting Professor from Chicago staying with us.

he has been taken to the pub quiz.

apparently this will be an important introduction to English culture.

I think it is a very thinly veiled excuse to go and drink beer.............

not that I would want to go, there is paralympics on tv. It is truly the most inspiring viewing, I am in awe.


  1. very thinly veiled! lol

    hope both our kiddos are better really soon.

  2. Sounds like a good excuse! I hope your little one is soon on the mend x

  3. Oh. The poor prof is staying with you...
    I hope he has quite a few pints so that he doesn't catch the bugs.
    And I think that the last three weeks of the hols were stolen and we need to be given them back straight away.

  4. Hope little one is feeling better soon, and then you may be able to find where your time has dissapeared too...
    Yes, a thinly veiled excuse, since when do men multitask???

  5. Yes, someone pinched those weeks here too. How rude.

    Hope the illness is not too horrible for all concerned. Also hope the visiting prof didn't rock up at 2am singing loudly and with the promise of a big old hangover this morning.

  6. Those last few weeks of the hols always whizz by too quickly.

    Hope ill child is better soon and doesn't share.

    As for Paralympics - so amazing - David Weir & Johnny Peacock last night were amazing :)

  7. Almost anything can be used as a thinly veiled excuse to drink beer - but then for me reasons of thrift, economy (cough!), and anything else laudable is brought into play as a reason to knit and sew ... !

    I hope the invalid recovers very quickly, and doesn't interrupt your TV watching time - a good excuse for the two of you to sit on the sofa quietly together, enjoying a spectacle which is surely educational!

    Pomona x

  8. Oh dear, sick child, visiting Prof...these things always seem to happen at the same time. The paralympics are awesome.
    Anne xx

  9. Wellness and happy blessings to you & yours, Tess :o) ((HUGS))

  10. Hope this American visitor doesn't puke in your car. And that the young lad is all better soon! xo

  11. Pub quizzes are essential cultural entertainment for foreign visitors. Also I am pretty sure they are just an excuse to go pub, well that was always my excuse anyway! - Annie

  12. I can help you out with placing a few of the days...

  13. Oh no - not illness already. I haven't a clue where the last three weeks went, but it did go fast like in a whoosh kind of fast.

    As for the that is funny - if he's male then surely it must be to sample our delightful beers.

    Nina x


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