Wednesday, 15 January 2014


I'm in the midst of a week of exam invigilating.

Which always leads to lots of list writing.

and random ponderings.

  • we had this for dinner recently.
  •  it was quite delicious.
  • there is a display of potential new school uniform in the main entrance. one girl flounced past, saying "if I have to wear that I'm going to be homeschooled" - I wonder what her parents will think about it....
  • there was a discrepancy in the geography mock paper. When 17 hands go up at once it is time to admit defeat and go in search of advice.
  • children who make silly noises because they think exam invigilators are foolish and have no authority learn quickly that we may not know their names, but we do know the way to the head teacher's office.
  • I looked at my outfit when I got home yesterday and saw grey jumper, grey trousers, grey socks, and grey scarf.
  • I matched the sky.
  • Today I wore a white shirt with different coloured buttons. Colourful and not warm enough. I nearly froze to death.


  1. Ah yes, there's a lot to be said for warm clothing in the winter, even if it is gray. I'd much rather be warm than stylish, although a big ol' sweater is stylish any time imho LOL. Sounds like you've had some fun invigilating!

  2. I love your random list! That girl who doesn't like the uniform sounds like a charm!! Hope that you can do warm and colourful tomorrow! xx

  3. Matching the sky sounds like a perfectly wonderful thing to do.

  4. I think you are smart to dress warmly even if you match the sky.

    How amusing young students can be

  5. Love your thoughts. I've just looked at my clothing and I'm matching the grey sky today too!

  6. Hmmm, to be colourful or to be warm - what a dilemma! :o) I think I'd go with the warm and find a bright scarf for contrast. I love your list of ponderings x

  7. Hmmm...sometimes there is a reason for grey it would seem. Personally I can say that the only time I've ever been that cold was when I was on Orkney Is when I was around 24 (you don't need to know how many years ago!) I think it was 2 degrees celcius, very windy and I was wearing RED! I am from the tropics in Australia so forgive me for not knowing.

    xx Susan

  8. Love your list of random thoughts......teenage girls and their flouncings......entertaining but not necessarily to their parents always........i too wear a lot of grey, matching the sky is fine.......keep cosy and wear plenty of layers, Tess!
    Helen xx

  9. Warmwarmwarm every time.
    Clouds can be very appealing you know. Ax

  10. What a great list of thoughts- The grey comment made me smile- I hope you're a little warmer now:)

  11. Warm is definitely the first priority here!

  12. "I matched the sky"...I just loved that line, such beauty in it! :o) Good luck with your studies, Tess ((HUGS))


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