Thursday, 23 January 2014

the year in books

I'm joining in the Laura at the Circle of  Pine Trees and her year of books. 
I'm going to rediscover old loves, read things I've been meaning to read forever, and even perhaps try out a few of the books the eldest teen is reading to see it helps give me an insight into her world....

For January I've chosen The Hobbit, which I read as a child, reread 20 years ago on an incredible wilderness camping adventure, and am now discovering in a different way through the films.
Bilbo has just escaped the from the goblins and Gollum, I am saving the rest for tomorrow, as it's coming with me on an adventure of my own.

where I will also be taking this.

thank you Alice.


  1. Hahaha to Sue's comment! Have a WONDERFUL trip!!!!

  2. I love The Hobbit. Your adventure sounds like it's going to be amazing too, Barcelona is beautiful.

  3. Tienen un tiempo fabuloso y recuerde las bolsas de té... Ax

    1. I have absolutely no idea what that says !

    2. From my school girl spanish- Have a fabulous time and remember the tea bags :)

    3. - ah - yes teabags packed!

  4. Have a lovely time! I have to confess I have never read the hobbit or any of Tolkien's books.....!

  5. What a wonderful focus for the year--books! And I love your selection for this month, Tess. (We loved the films, but the Tolkien books are best! ;o) I'm wanting to rediscover childhood classics too--I've got some old favorites on my Kindle--Little House on the Prairie, Little Women, etc. :o) Looking forward to seeing your reads at the year goes. Happy Days ((HUGS))

  6. Thanks so much for joining in, Tess! Love your choice of book (and am very envious of your choice of destination!) xx

  7. Hi Tess,

    Thank for sharing this - the Hobbit is a great book and have not seen the movie yet - looking forward to seeing it.
    Enjoy your adventure


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