Sunday, 27 January 2008

yet more cake!

we set off for a day out, to expose the kids to some of the industrial heritage of the area, and to broaden their knowledge of art.

which is all well and good, but on this occasion it was not the heritage or the art that made the greatest imprssion, but the cafe.

well when there's a menu like this what do you expect!

that's 6 to choose from, it was hard but the chocoholic in me won....

now where did it go?

there was at least art on the sugar packets, so that must make up for something...


  1. That's an amazingly good choice. We recently found a pub near us that has a huge veggie menu - which also seems to be a highly unusual thing!

  2. *drool*..that looks like seriously good would have been my choice too!

  3. Oooh looks deliciously chocolatey and moist, but all the others sounds yummy to me too, I would want to sample them all! Gx

  4. Honestly, that looks so yummy! Who can resist a nice slice of cake? ;)

  5. Delicious! And I love that little dog on the plate--very cheery :o) Happy week ((HUGS))

  6. Oh that looks yummy! I guessed where you'd been from the plate! Great place, but I haven't been for years.

  7. Oh fab - I googled french knot and a brilliant diagram and instructions came up. They are exactly what the "bobbly" embroidered bits are. Thanks so much!
    What fantastic cakes, mmmmmm. Time for tea methinks!

  8. oooh, it's been years since I went to Salt's Mill. I feel a little excursion coming on :)

  9. Oh wow that's an impressive choice!! I usually just admit defeat now in cafes so would have had a smile plastered from ear to ear after encountering a menu like that!! I would definitely have had some of that lemon sponge. Sounds divine! Yum yum!!! :-)

  10. Looks like my kind of day out! Lina x (blogger isn't being very kind to me today, this is my 4th attempt to leave a message!)

  11. oh yummy, I could just eat a piece of that...making my tummy growl now!

  12. My daughters always need to check out the cafe before they can relax into a day out! choc cake always wins hands down. It looks like a great place to visit.
    I'm just going to check out the apple cake recipe now!


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