Friday 26 September 2014



late Middle English: from Old French retret (noun), retraiter (verb), from Latin retrahere "pull back".
Move back or withdraw
Withdraw to a quiet or secluded place
An act of moving back or withdrawing.
An act of changing one’s mind or plans as a result of criticism or difficulty.
A signal for a military force to withdraw.
A military musical ceremony carried out at sunset, originating in the playing of drums and bugles to tell soldiers to return to camp for the night.
A quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.
A period or place of seclusion for the purposes of prayer and meditation.
withdraw, retire, draw back, pull back, pull out, fall back, give way, give ground, recoil, flee, take flight, beat a retreat, beat a hasty retreat, run away, run off, make a run for it, run for it, make off, take off, take to one's heels, make a break for it, bolt, make a quick exit, clear out, make one's getaway, escape, head for the hills.

of all these definitions I like the last one the best.

head for the hills.

that's what I'm doing. 
to a quiet and secluded place. 
where there will be relaxing. 
but probably no rest. more likely late nights chatting.
or quiet.  see above.
I don't expect there'll be any bugles.
or any withdrawing military forces.
but there will be friends and sewing and laughter and cake and wine.

back soon. 


  1. Good for you, I could do with a retreat myself.
    Have a wonderful, replenishing time, Tess. xxx

    1. I have now decided that everyone should retreat now and again, it is good for the soul. x

  2. Oh, how lovely, Tess... enjoy every drop, every moment! :o) I'm taking a little digital sabbatical myself for a couple week--going less-tech to refresh. ((HUGS))

  3. Sounds blissful. Have a fabulous time, Ax

  4. Sounds wonderful! Enjoy your retreat
    Miss Tulip x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

  5. Sounds lovely. Enjoy, rest, relax, laugh yourself silly

  6. That sounds lovely! Have a wonderful time, Tess.
    Helen xox

  7. Ah, the hills, it sounds blissful. Have a wonderful time, it will be good for the soul. CJ xx

  8. Your "retreat" sound very nice. :)
    Anne xx

  9. I cannot think of anything better than a sewing retreat. Especially if there is fortifying wine.

  10. Oh, I know that you will carry home many wonderful memories. Such a special time and such a gift to give yourself.

  11. Hey Tess - I'm just slightly regretful that I seemed to do more dashing about than retreating (and not very much knitting, either) but I really did enjoy just getting together!

  12. Well that sounds pretty perfect. I hope you have a wonderful time and come back restored and rested. x


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