Saturday, 3 September 2011

August hunting.

The August scavenger hunt took me a bit by suprise, in the summer holidays I have a hard enough time working out what day of the week it is, let alone the date.
what do you mean it's September already.
how did that happen?
so I am few photos short, and several of them are a bit far fetched.... oh well.

picnic, we picniced here. really we did. I just didn't photograph the food before we ate it all. a sport. what do you mean - isn't river rafting on an old pallet an Olympic sport yet. well it should be, it's very entertaining. especially as a spectator!

a boat - a lifeboat, and a fountain.

fabric, E's quilt, something bizzare - ferret racing - it's true!

some thing ancient - fossils on the beach, and ooops more fabric, I had a mountain photo, I was really pleased with it, it vanished.........

what can I say. must try harder.


  1. Hello Tess:
    We trust that you did not actually NEED the lifeboat and have just included it as a random piece of August memorabilia!

    All this water sport looks very challenging to us and we are sure that even the ferret racing had its moments. Still, as you say, September has arrived and back to the usual routines...just where did those lazy days of summer go?

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment, to which we have made reply.

  2. A month of wild sports for you, clearly!

  3. Love the photo collages. I can see the football quilting on the quilt. Very flash.

  4. Great pictures, where was the ferret racing? Looks great fun! Abby x

  5. Ferret racing! My friend's other half has just got into keeping ferrets. I don't like the way they move, sort of squiggly, all over you. And the smell...

  6. Ferret racing lol, now I have to admit I do have a bit of a soft spot for ferrets.. I'm not sure if I should even post my pics or not as I think I'm in the same boat as your good self .... 2 more days then back to school.

  7. Thanks my Spotty Pony: the ferret racing was part of the lifeboat fundraising weekend in Staithes. They were so funny.

  8. I think that is a B grade. But A- for imagination! At least you got your homework in. I failed.
    Love the ferrets, BigBean used to have two when he was a boy!!!
    New school year, must try harder here at BeanTowers. Ax

  9. I have a bit of thing for lifeboat men.

  10. Well done, you aren't the only one who struggled this month. It has been harder for me too, I thought it would be easier with being on holiday for the 6 weeks of the school holidays but it was harder!!!!!

    My photos aren't brilliant either - although by hook or by crook I did all 12.

  11. Fascinating hodgepodge, love the idea of a scavenger hunt. Great fun!


  12. Love the picture of the waterfall! Amazing!

  13. thanks Andrea, we got some lovely fossils on our trip, that one was too big to come home so I photographed it.
    I know what you mean Jordie Girl, I thought it would be easier too, well done for getting all 12.

  14. But still very lovely photos. We always called it Cucumber Park (still do!!) and we also called Nostell Priory - Nostrel Priory! xx

  15. I found it difficult this month too. Well done on the ones you did get!

  16. Thanks for popping by and commenting at my blog on my scavenger photos and Wallington Hall.

    I really liked the first painting on the left of the door in the art exhibition where the people were standing about drinking. I don't normally like modern art but these paintings did look like what they were supposed to so I liked them.

  17. I love the photos you take, specially the ones that are a bit unusual representations of the topic at hand. :-) Good luck with September hunt. (if it is still going next year - I may try). I can't believe only 4 months left until the end of the year?!?!?!


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