Monday, 26 August 2013

the bridge with a difference

As a child one of J's holiday memories always involved a trip on the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge.
Last year I went on it for the first time on the way home from our trip to Yorkshire, and I loved it so much we decided to make it part of the journey tradition.

Passengers travel across the Tees on a gondola suspended by steel cables 50m about the river in a journey taking two minutes.

Which is just long enough to get out of the car and stand under the giant steel frame and marvel at the engineering.

 The visitor centre had several mechano replicas. Someone clearly had fun building them, there were miniature cars travelling back and forth in the gondolas.

Miss K and I were very entertained by the journalistic writing style on the display boards, about the opening ceremony in 1911.

"In a day of jaw dropping pomp and pageantry, industrial Middlesbrough, the Infant Hercules, dressed itself in it's Sunday best, flexed it's rippling muscles and let out a lion sized roar of pride as it unveiled its tower tribute to engineering genius, a symbol of the town's steely resolve and soaring ambition."

makes my ramblings seem rather lacking in descriptive prowess........


  1. Love the skyline geometry. :)

  2. I need to go there. It looks AmaZInG... Ax

  3. Fascinating, my hb would really love to visit here too! Loved reading that amazing purple prose of yesteryear!
    Helen x

  4. Hahaha -- that description is pretty funny! I've never heard of such a bridge -- I'll bet it's fantastic to visit!

  5. I didn't know of any in this country. We went on one in Spain years ago. My what an experience! Are there any others in the UK? Joan

    1. Apparently there's one in Warrington that doesn't work :( and one in Newport that operates part time in the Summer only, at which you can also climb up the bridge to the top! Looks amazing.

  6. What a marvel! I've never seen anything like this before. Thanks for sharing. I do love that "blurb" about the opening of the bridge.

  7. Ah, we're very fond of the Transporter here in the Boro (and you timed your visit well as it's currently closed for 6 weeks of renovation and painting). You can also walk across the top of it or bungee from it if the fancy takes you!

  8. Off to google 'detour via Middlesborough'...

  9. Wow... that is something else, something extraordinary! Not sure I could do that one...not being too wild about bridges generally... well, maybe! ;o) ((HUGS))

  10. I think I know how I'll be crossing the river next time I'm heading your way!


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