Tuesday 13 November 2007

pay it forward

I've just spent a happy couple of hours starting to make the gifts for the pay it forward challenge. Not finished yet, and no photos until they're posted! but I hadn't forgotten.
I also signed up for a holiday traditions challenge - look I managed to post a button on my side bar! so I've started on something for that, photos to come soon.

Yesterday the lady came to see my wallhanging, she was an hour late, and I'd decided that she wasn't coming, after I'd spent ages tidying and bought chocolate cake, so I settled down with a nice cup of tea, a book and a piece of the cake, and of course that's when she turned up. It was very strange, she decided she didn't like the wallhanging design I thought she'd like
(too ephemeral apparently?), having described it and sent photos, but she did really like E-boy's quilt, but without a pirate ship!

so it might look something like this.

I'm not convinced she'll ring back with measurements, and so we'll wait and see, but I'm quite excited, and very nervous about the actual quilting considering the problems I had with the cupcake quilt... and I'm still going to make a floaty chiffon felted wallhanging anyway, if can get some chiffon I like at the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate at the end of the month.

Also today I've booked the swimming pool for a joint birthday party for Miss K and E-boy in December. They have birthdays 3 days apart (2 weeks before Christmas - very bad planning!), and up till last year we always had separate parties, at home, but this year with no kitchen that doesn't sound so appealing. So pool party it is, we can invite lots of friends, no mess at home, and all the mums and dads get to complain about having to be seen in a swimming costume. I may be less keen on the idea nearer the time so please remind that I thought it was a good idea once!


  1. That's a shame about the hanging but good luck with the quilt, it is very beautiful. We had a swimming party a couple of years ago, it was great fun, I just remember running into the pool very quickly so as not to be spotted by the other parents! (Forgot that I would be getting out every five minutes to take kids to the loo!). Good luck
    Kim x

  2. Hope she calls you back! Good luck with the pool party - sounds like you'll have your hands pretty full in the run up to Christmas.

  3. Good luck with the quilt and the party! I've signed up for that Christmas swap too - along with 200 other people it seems!

  4. Make sure that the other parents realise that they have to get in as well! We had a party and I had to round up grandmas and uncles to get to the correct ratio of adults to children. It was great fun for the children.

  5. Have fun with the pool party--sounds wonderful! Love the quilt! You sound very busy...good luck with all you have to do! Happy Days ((HUGS))


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