Monday, 5 September 2011

rainy day bunny

Summer. Northumberland. Weather = variable.
occasional - blazing sun, guaranteed to turn fair English skins into lobsters in no time.
mostly - grey
often - Wet, very wet........

but that's ok. Wet days allow for a slower pace of holidaying, we don't feel we need to rush around experiencing things, there is time to play, sort out, find hidden treasures, and unfinished projects.

like the much needed repair of bunny no. 5.

bunny is Miss K's wheat bag.
he was mine when I was pregnant with Miss K and he has had many repairs.
bunnies no. 3 and and no. 4 are detailed here.
Bunny no. 5 spent too long in the microwave and got very burnt. in fact he stank. terribly. drastic measures were needed. normal bunny repairs consist of a new coat for bunny, and a transfer of ears, tales and insides. This time new insides were needed, and they were purchased (quite some time ago) but there were delays, the trauma of a total bunny refit takes a while to get used to. Bunnie's new outfit needs to be chosen and decisions about saving ears (no good, burnt smell wouldn't wash out) must be made.

Eventually though, bunny no. 6 is created. he is totally new, bunny no. 5 was used as a template and then said goodbye to..... bunny no. 6 has a lovely flannel back, and a towelling tummy, new linseed insides and a towelling tail. He is nice and floppy and soft. and smells nice.

I asked Miss K if she was ok that bunny was totally new, and there was none of old bunny left.

"yes, of course, it's fine, he has regenerated - bunny is a time lord!"


  1. haha, good answer!

    it's alternating between blue skies and sunshine and then dark skies and heavy showers here and the forecast is bleak this week, but I don't car as I went back to school today and I would have been annoyed if the weather turned good now!!

  2. Lol, that;s just brilliant . We have just got into Dr Who since our friends raved about it when we to Amsterdam . We are now at season two episode 12 and are enjoying it very much . I also found out that a friend of mine often has parts in it as some monsters , so far we have seen him as a monk, a cyberman and an Ood .

  3. Hello Tess:
    Well, Bunny has certainly had more than a facelift!! Number 6 looks to be the epitome of a C21 Bunny with his chequered rainbow coat. Let us hope that he has plenty of years in him......and that he will stay well clear of a microwave!!!

  4. After living in Australia for 10 years I'm always in shock on the sunny day how unprotected English people are - no sunhat or sunblock.

    Love the new multi-coloured bunny - it looks really soft.

  5. A time travelling bunny - the best kind!

  6. I could not have described summer in Northumberland any better, however, I missed the blazing sun bit! Maybe it was the day my mother needed to go to the Metro Centre... sadly that was a VERY hot day!
    Lovely bunny's old and new. I am glad Miss K is happy and her comment made me laugh... lots :)
    Abby xx

  7. Bunny looks fab. He's definitely come back younger.

  8. It all sounds a bit like Trigger's broom in OFAH.
    Torrential rain here after a bright sunny and very windy day. Of course it's raining, I'm biking to work these days... Ax

  9. Bunny No. 5 reminds me of Elmer the Patchwork Elephant by David McKee. Very colourful and absolutely gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  10. Somone has already spotted the Elmer connection but, yes, to me he is more elephant than time lord. It must be cooling down if you are thinking wheat bags.

  11. The logic of children is irrefutable! And I could do with a wheat bag this morning - brrrr.

  12. She sounds such a sensible girl! As regards sunblock, I find that application of such is a sure fire way to send the sun behind a cloud - I stocked up at the beginning of the summer, which I am sure is the reason for the dreary season we have just had.

    I live in the south but it is grey and wet and windy here - definitely a day to spend inside with a microwaveable bunny.

    Pomona x

  13. Glad Miss K likes your handiwork and is pleased to have new bunny in her care! Yes, definitely autumnal here in the south too - rain and wind. I have my opaque tights on and knee high boots already!!! Goodbye summer.

  14. Let me know if you can work some of your Jedi rejuvenation magic on ME and I'll be right over... xoxo

  15. These bunnies are adorable, Tess! Funny how he looks younger... ;o) We've been hit with "leftovers" from hurricane Irene here--not serious damages, thankfully, but the garden is a mess and needs a lot of clean up. I know what we'll be doing this weekend then...LOL! Happy Days ((BIG HUGS))

  16. What a brilliant idea - Timelords! That saves a lot of awkward explanations.

  17. RIP bunny No 5 but I must say No 6 looks a dude!

  18. You should of been a weather lady.

    It is exactly the same here, but really blustery.

    Nina x

  19. I could do with a makeover like that!


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