Thursday 3 November 2011

my pumpkin

thank you for the pumpkin love! if you want to knit your own, the pattern is here. I really liked knitting it, and want a whole field of them, I might even pop some on folksy. never too early to get ready for next year!

in the theme of all things pumpkin I thought I'd leave you with E's poem he had to write at school. ten year old boys and poetry is not an obvious mix, but he is very pleased with this one.

my pumpkin has sharp teeth,

mine has square,

mine's got triangle eyes,

and mine will give you a scare.

my pumpkin lights up,

mine does too,

mine is spooky,

and mine is coming to haunt you.

my pumpkin is orange,

mine is round and fat,

mine's got a green stalk,

and mine looks like a witches cat.

my pumpkin was turned to soup,

mine was good to eat,

mine's turned into pumpkin pie,

pumpkins, trick or treat.


  1. Love it. And please can I commission you to knit me a wee 'kin. My needle knowhow is as bad as my poetry... Ax

  2. You know how much I love your pumpkin - and his poem!

  3. I think boys are always full of surprises when it comes to poetry.

  4. Clearly a boy with potential! He certainly has a way with words - it is a lovely poem. And thank you for the link - I had been wondering how I might knit one for myself . . .

    Pomona x

  5. Love the little pumpkin....and the poem is wonderful, such a clever idea and what a way with words he has already!
    Helen x

  6. That pumpkin is adorable and E's poem is charming.


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