Monday 31 January 2011

january scavenging

the final twelve scavenger hunt photos

yarn, bubbles,
abandoned building, playground equipment (ok so this isn't really playground, but try telling that to my two..... photo from last summer - wouldn't fancy it in this weather!)

gold fish (gold and fish shape?), reflective surface
nature, something out of place

my front door (covered in cat paw prints, someone wanted to get in....) gravestone,
library (books from), stained glass.

I had fun hunting these. looking forward to February....

coming soon, some real scavenging, to Miss K's dismay I have a treasure from a skip to show you soon.......

Thursday 27 January 2011


15 years.
the date is stitched on the bedding so we don't forget.
I restitched it this week, as it was looking a bit shabby.

Happy Anniversary Mr Driftwood.

Friday 21 January 2011

january scavenger hunt - take 1

so far my project 365 efforts have been more "take a photo on the odd random occasion" than take a photo everyday and improve your photography as a result.
so in search of something more attainable I've joined a scavenger hunt, first seen by me at postcards from the pp, and a few other places since.
these are the first of my finds....
next month I hope there is cake and chocolate and wine on the list......

a reflective surface - not a mirror

an abandoned building

something out of place



Sunday 16 January 2011

blue shirt quilt

anyone remember this?

well some of them were looking a little worse for wear.

and so have become this.

hopefully it will be just the thing for E who is missing his grandad terribly, as time passes it seems to be getting worse not better, he misses grandad's hugs the most he says, so perhaps this will help.....

I just need to baste and quilt it now. which might take a while as he's requested footballs all over it.
note to self "do not ask for quilting inspiration from 10 year old boys"..........

Saturday 8 January 2011

colour watching

this months contribution for Emma's splash of colour

colour watching courtesy of the met office. I'm pretty happy with yellow, and tomorrow we're promised green!