Thursday 15 March 2012

out and about

unexpected treasures of yesterday.

beautiful petals in a sheltered corner of a walled garden

incredible depth of colour inside an iris

gorgeous ironwork on a gate that I am longing to translate into a quilting pattern,
the company and friendship of a good friend,

and an amazing tin of buttons at the charity shop. I am in button heaven.

Tuesday 13 March 2012

happy things

things that are making me happy today.

purple crocus

bright yellow primulas

rhubarb bursting into life, like some alien creature emerging from a cocoon.

a moongazing bunny standing guard over emerging shoots

Miss K sewing bunting for a friends birthday present.

tea kept hot with a lovely knitted cosy from  Laura.

what's made you happy today?

Saturday 3 March 2012

a new spring beret

spring is coming, warmer days when you can start to shed some of the many layers of winter.
    some.      not all.

sometimes, because there is still a wind that carries quite a chill, what you need is slightly lighter layers, perhaps even a new hat (pattern here)


and then you can go off adventuring, if someone hasn't stolen your new hat first.
come back teddy
that's mine.......

Thursday 1 March 2012

sprigs of spring

out in the garden there are small signs of spring

things are starting to grow, mostly weeds................ but I need something to refill my vase so I find a few snowdrops that haven't been munched on by birds? mice? and a wallflower that doesn't know it's not supposed to flower yet.

luckily my neighbour has some lovely shrubs which just happen to be leaning far enough over our fence that I can snip a few sprigs. I'm sure they will be glad I'm helping with the pruning......

any signs of spring with you? or your neighbours?........