Thursday 25 October 2012

trick or treacle

sometimes when you are at the shops you just have to buy something because it makes you smile.

oh and because you still haven't made the gingerbread you've wanting for weeks....

Monday 22 October 2012

the great cake eating competition.

I had lots of fun baking for Friday's fundraiser, and I chose all your recipes so it felt like you were there with me.

my friend baked these two incredible cakes.

 and it turned from coffee morning into cake eating competition! 

Monday 8 October 2012


today I'm;

Loving the bright autumn sunshine, the crisp frost on the grass and the blue skies

Planning what to do with the 7lbs of blackberries we picked over the weekend.  Well Mr Driftwood and I picked them, Miss K impatiently wanted to know when the crumble would be ready, and J carried around several large sticks.

listing things on folksy and etsy.

sketching thistles and cow parsley and alliums which I want to embroider onto linens for some new designs of cards.

wondering what's for dinner.

what are you doing today? I hope you have some autumn sunshine. x

Saturday 6 October 2012

standing up and cutting out arrows

This week I have mostly been cutting out arrows and blowing up balloons - for a window display for the local Cancer Research shop for the Stand up to Cancer campaign.
It is amazing just how long it takes to cut out some arrows and find black balloons.


Mr Driftwood has been doing a science demo, "a meet the scientist", or what the university likes to refer to as "engagement with the public".

I'm more at home with scissors and selotape.
and cake. I can bake cakes. which I will be doing for a coffee morning I seem to have offered to hold. Please excuse me for the next two weeks if I panic about cake. and having enough tea cups.