Wednesday 26 March 2014


soft almost feathered petals 

uncurl to show hidden depths of darkness

which open out in the sun

and enchant me.

Friday 21 March 2014

Friday random

It's Friday already.

which is worrying. what happened to Wednesday?

Oh yes E had a migraine. The new miracle medication didn't work. at all. ok maybe for 10 minutes.
One day lying in a dark room, one day recovering from the "hangover" effect of the migraine.
At 13 the consumption of red wine is probably not the cause, nor is coffee, and it isn't chocolate either.

Apparently it's spring. Which would explain the howling gales, hailstones and grey skies. Last week it was still winter and the weather was glorious. Can I have winter back please. oh and I'd also like some blossom, everyone else in blogland seems to have some.

I made flapjack. I posted some to my dad as a random gift. I also made rock buns. There is none left of either.

We have to go clothes shopping for both children tomorrow. It fills me with dread.

I cut the grass for the first time this afternoon. Apparently our lawn is mostly moss. It is like walking on a green spongy air bed. Which is quite fun.

There are birds looking in the bird house. They did this last year and then changed their minds.

Probably disappointed by the quality of the lawn if you ask me.........

and the lack of rock buns.

random update. I have found a hidden secret stash of Green & Blacks chocolate.
All is well with the world.

 (Not sharing with the birds though. They can eat moss.)

Monday 10 March 2014

the year in books - march. ice lake

I will admit I chose this book out of need for some mindless literature to read in the bath. 
It was one of those weeks. 
From a huge box of my parents books destined for the charity shop I chose one that looked like it didn't require concentration, engagement or deep thinking.
In fact there were quite a few long sections of description, detailing Montreal's history, culture and some science which I scoffed at. 
Mostly I skipped these sections and read about chasing criminals in the snow, driving on ice, and gruesome deaths. There were plenty of those.
I shall now leave crime fiction alone for another 10 years or so, which is probably how long it was since I read anything from this genre.  But it served it's purpose. 
Sometimes escapist literature is what we all need. 
Even if we don't read all of it......