Wednesday 12 October 2011

late and flowering

I have picked the last of the sweet peas.
each time I think, oh what a shame, these will be the last, and still they flower. ok so the plants are lying horizontal on the lawn as the canes snapped in the gales a few weeks ago, but still they flower. admittedly the stems get shorter and shorter each time, and the scent gets less and less, but I am happy to accept their shortcomings and short stems.... I just need to invest in some new tiny vases/jugs, or hunt out some pretty jam jars.

the cosmos and the dahlias are still flowering away too. long leggy, and falling all over the place, next year I need to master the art of staking. it is Very windy here, and my "stick the odd cane in and hope for the best" method hasn't been very successful.......

also in the not very successful category are the scabious - or it's pretty name the pincushion flower. Sarah Raven tells me in this article they are a miraculous performer and should be flowering by mid June. I have just checked the date, it is approaching mid October, and one or two are just thinking about flowering.

image from the BBC as obviously I can't photograph mine...........

but they are not the only ones who are late. whilst looking in my archives for a photo I realised I'd missed my 4th birthday, by several weeks. oops, I think I might need to go and do some baking. A blog birthday cake might be just the thing to cheer up the small boy who was too ill to go to school but not at all impressed about being sent back to bed.......

Thursday 6 October 2011

last days of summer

last week we were gifted with some gorgeous weather, and it was a joy to be able to make the most of it, and pack up a dinnertime picnic, and even when your dinner takes far too long to cook (because you forgot one of the essential ingredients.....)

it is ok, because then you have longer to sit and enjoy the gorgeous sunset.