Monday 30 March 2015

Marching by

oh March, how did you whizz past so fast? You were a blur of sequins, of wild winds, and grey days, of tiny hints of spring, and snuggling in blankets watching the rain lashing down and yet some days you were warm enough to lose a few layers and hands were warm enough in glove buddies (pattern here on the lovely Hawthorn Spellweaver's blog.) March you were filled with cake, and cheesy scones, and rockbuns, and more cake, including a very special one. More to follow on that one.....

Tuesday 17 March 2015


for a moment the sun shone.

then the winds and rain came and everything became battered and bedraggled.

I must learn to be patient.

Monday 9 March 2015


Apparently it's nearly spring.
It doesn't feel like it to me.
The weather is grey and cold, and wild and grey and wet, and windy and damp, and grey.

Grey skies do make wonderfully dramatic backdrops for tree silhouettes though. 
Every cloud has a silver lining,.........

Sunday 1 March 2015

march madness

hello March. I am liking you already, you are bright and sunny, although freezing and windy..... I am so looking forward to  "pancakes AGAIN day" and "ponder the universe day" I think that everyday should be "be at one with chocolate day" however, which probably goes well with "don't take no for an answer day"

I shall not however be having any more clean outs, or de-cluttering, I cleared out my clothes recently and am already regretting the de-cluttering of a linen skirt......... also if I cleared out my study I may not have had to hand purple sequins, really strong thread to mend a watch, and eyelets to mend the 2 day old pair of sneakers that the teenage boy attempted to destroy.............

March also contains Comic Relief, the excuse to do something silly for charity. Emma of Silverpebble has been a true superhero by editing a truly fantastic magazine called the Big Comic Relief Crafternoon - (search for their facebook page) with loads of amazing delights raising money for some incredible causes. Go get one from Sainsbury's if you're in the UK, download it on googleplay or itunes (search for crafternoon)  if you're not, and make yourself a guinea pig or a flock of birdies because everyone needs one, even my cats.