Friday 24 August 2012

anenomes and ammonites

When you've been holidaying in the same place for many years there comes a reassuring pattern of activities, 

places to rediscover,

favourite things to see and do,

(for me this includes much paddling in rock pools, I love how sometimes you discover one that is as warm a as a hot bath!)

and lots of hunting, for anemones and ammonites.

and for that special photograph that sums up the magic of a perfect summers day.

Monday 13 August 2012

olympic gold medal standard yarnbombing

"So Why are we going to Saltburn mummy?"

"to see the yarnbombing of course!"

"will there be ice cream?"

"knitted ice cream?"

"no, real ice cream!"

honestly you'd think the seaside was about fish and chips and sand and icecream.............
it is clearly a celebration of all things knitted and olympics.
I couldn't decide which I liked more, looking at the knitting, or listening to the reactions of all the people on the pier, which ranged from delight to sheer bemusement! As in the actual olympics I couldn't decide which event I liked best,  but this one is most like how I enjoyed the games!

Sunday 5 August 2012

check list

rock buns baked - check
tea bread baked - check - I blame Laura for my addiction to tea bread........
sock knitting packed - check - sock knitting on the beach is traditional
fossil identification book packed - check
plans to visit some seriously impressive Olympic yarn bombing made - check

looks like we're ready for a few days away
and this year I don't even mind if it rains everyday, then we'll just watch the olympics, except then I had better remember to pack a box of tissues, the emotions are running so high, I just can't describe it.
back soon

Wednesday 1 August 2012

london 2012 yarnbombing

When you are the only house in the street to have any Olympic decorations you really have to make an effort.

So I proudly present my Olympic yarnbombing.

I thought it might have produced some baffled looks from the neighbours, but I guess they are getting used to us...........

It feels like the Olympics are being brought into my living room through other bloggers, it was a joy to see Stephanie's photos of the wildflowers which are to die for,  and Nancy's tales of the opening ceremony have made me tell everyone I know that "I know someone who went to the dress rehearsal".

Now please excuse me, I might have to make a few more crochet flowers to calm my nerves, the men's road race time trials have started.......