Wednesday, 1 August 2012

london 2012 yarnbombing

When you are the only house in the street to have any Olympic decorations you really have to make an effort.

So I proudly present my Olympic yarnbombing.

I thought it might have produced some baffled looks from the neighbours, but I guess they are getting used to us...........

It feels like the Olympics are being brought into my living room through other bloggers, it was a joy to see Stephanie's photos of the wildflowers which are to die for,  and Nancy's tales of the opening ceremony have made me tell everyone I know that "I know someone who went to the dress rehearsal".

Now please excuse me, I might have to make a few more crochet flowers to calm my nerves, the men's road race time trials have started.......


  1. LOL, what are you like ha ha, it is all very exciting though isn't it :-)

  2. I love your yarn bombing, so pretty! there was an exhibition of yarn bombing at Sheffield but I couldn't take any photos to show you all :( hope you are having a happy day sweetie

    Bee happy x

  3. Love the yarn bombing! The time trials just zoomed right through Teddington--saw Bradley Wiggins' sideburns from just inches away! K x

  4. You are funny - I love it though.....go team Driftwood.

    Nina x

  5. Thank you. Was nearly sobbing when the men's eight got bronze- so gutted for them. But you and Wiggy have cheered me up no end.
    No houses in our street have 2012 decorations. Think will have to remedy that...

  6. You're too funny! That's an awesome year bombing job!!!

  7. Love it! I'd like you as a neighbour....
    Wasn't the road race fab? The boys in my household were beyond excited.


    1. ah thanks Lydia! the road race was amazing, there was much shouting of Zoom Froome, and Wiggle Wiggle !!!

  8. Terrific fun, Tess... LOVE the crocheted flowers, and brilliant idea! Happy Olympic creating and viewing. ;o) ((HUGS))

  9. Brilliant! The yarn bombing and the spectacle of the opening ceremony.

    And Stephanie's flower pics, weren't they gorgeous? They have me longing to travel to London to see for myself!

  10. Fabulous! Your excitement is contagious :D

  11. Love yarnbombing and bunting.......your flowers are gorgeous, someone has got to wave the flag and get into the spirit of things.
    Must head over to Stephanies and check out the wildflowers.......they have inspired me to put some on a tea cosy. Wish I could see them in person....oh well....

    Claire :}

  12. How fun! Creative moments along side Olympic moments :)


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