Friday 19 June 2015

happy day

happiness is a teenager on the last day of exams!

Friday 12 June 2015

this morning

this morning

I haven't loaded the photos from my camera so this post can have nice pictures and I can see a record of what I haven't photographed this week.

Even if I had then I still haven't got any pictures of the lovely river walk I took earlier this week where the wild flowers were aplenty, the bees were buzzy and the cows were very understanding of the fact that we were in their field instead of on the path.... too busy chatting......(us not the cows.)

I didn't photograph the slug eaten courgette plants - every last scrap eaten, or the very sad nest of dead blue tit babies in the bird box, we noticed the parents had stopped visiting, so after a few more days we checked to find a they'd all died.....

Instead I've been making signs and banners for an "end of exams" party, one more week to go,
oh these GCSE's - they go on Forever.

I've been buying appropriately grown up and sophisticated accessories for the said party -
balloons, streamers, party poppers, bubble wands, lots and lots of sweets, and ice cream!

I've also bought gaiters, and a bright orange survival bag for a Duke of Edinburgh practise expedition for E and a phone case for Miss K. The case is waterproof, sand proof and built to military standards. Not because it's going anywhere exciting or dangerous, she's just impossibly clumsy............

right now, I have to go to a physics exam now, just as well I'm not taking any of these papers, I looked at a boys paper the other morning and thought he'd written that "coffee is stronger than aluminium". It seemed a perfectly reasonable answer to me, but apparently the question was about copper..........

hope you have a lovely weekend. I'm going out to try and buy some more courgette plants..........

Monday 1 June 2015


I love June. 

It is filled with roses blooming and birthdays and the longest day and cake. 
My mum's name is June. June Rose in fact. Her birthday is in June, and mine, and the husbands. 
lots of birthday cake needed then.

according to my calendar we must also celebrate 
extreme enthusiasm day - for cake?
wild abandon day - reckless cake eating?
treat your body like a temple day - an hour without cake?
treat your body like a cake machine day - if you insist!

so there we have it. June is clearly my favourite month. what's yours?