Friday 26 August 2011

holiday highlights

whilst the rest of the family hunted fossils, I hunted anemones.

we walked the beach route to Port Mulgrave

and marvelled at the blue skies

and climbed the cliff path and marvelled that we were right down there

and whilst this is what some people wanted to do on the beach

this was much more my style.....

Friday 12 August 2011

quilt weather

we're heading off for a week in a cottage on the Yorkshire coast, and just in time I've finally finished E's quilt, (last seen here, it's taken 6 months to quilt it, that's what happens when you get a request for footballs in the quilting....) anyway it's finished now, and I especially love the red binding inspired by Monica, and we shall be packing it because it's definitely quilt weather.......

sorry it's a terrible photo as the light was awful, I shall rephotograph it when we get back.
hope you all have a lovely week, whatever the weather x

Thursday 11 August 2011

beach art or bodies on the beach?

one night last week J and I found ourselves watching Vera, a police tv drama. not that unusual there are a lot of such things, but this one was unusual in that it was set in the North East. Usually London, Oxford or New York are the settings for crimes, so we found ourselves entranced to see Newcastle, Tyneside and much more locally Dunstanburgh castle as the location for the discovery of bodies.....

Craster to Dunstanburgh is one of our favourite walks, so the next night after dinner we found ourselves wandering along the shoreline, chatting, collecting shells, and keeping an eye open for dead bodies just incase.

imagine our surprise when we found not just one body, but several!

and we added one for someone else to find. (the one in the dress!)

Sunday 7 August 2011


walking through the gardens every now and again a little hand reached out and took hold of a bigger one.

blogging has brought me many wonderful friendships.

it is a delight to see them extend to the children too.

Mr Driftwood goes shopping part 2 and other random events

Miss K is busy outgrowing all her clothes, and my hopes that she could spend the summer in a few long floaty skirts that still fit have been dashed by the excess cold and rain. Mr Driftwood sets off after work and arrives at doorway of very busy clothing shop and looks in horror at the chaos of rows upon rows of brightly coloured clothes, and hundreds (apparently!) of people. imagine a rabbit frozen by the glare of car headlights....... about to run away in horror he is rescued by helpful assistant who asks those precious words "can I help?". "I need this" producing phone and showing photograph. Miss K now has some leggings and Mr Driftwood politely points out that it is possible to get things delivered on the internet..........

it has rained a LOT this week. and not light drizzly rain. no no. BIG rain. ironically it was not raining the one day we had an indoor activity planned, a family trip to see Horrid Henry the movie. which was much loved by the children.

and we've done baking, lots of baking. special requests included butterfly buns. with only some mild confusion when someone thought you put custard in them.???? I think the rain might be getting to everyone......... I am wary of asking it to stop raining though. last time I said "ok enough stop raining now" it did. and started snowing, a Lot. I am not ready for that yet.......

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Mr Driftwood goes shopping part 1.

Miss K gets a money off voucher for a teddy bear shop, to celebrate her bear's first birthday(????). she looks online and chooses a small rucksac accessory for the bear to the value of the voucher. she negotiates with Mr Driftwood that he will visit the shop on the way home from work and prints him the voucher and a picture of the rucksac.

shop lady: can I help you?
Mr Driftwood: I would like this please - (shows lady the picture. )
shop lady: we don't have that one, but we do have some others. is it for a little boy or a little girl?
(Mr Driftwood thinks. Miss K is 5ft 5. you can't describe her as little............ )
Mr Driftwood: a girl.
shop lady: this one is nice for girls
Mr Driftwood: it's very small. how do you get the bear in it?

shop lady: no no, you don't put your bear in it, it's for your bear to wear.
Mr Driftwood: oh

Monday 1 August 2011

July hunting

red white & blue, some thing that makes me happy - a quilt,
flag, more flags (I don't have any flipflops..... begins with f....)

strawberries, celebration - mum's party tea

icecream (page from a new recipe book), fields - view behind the house,

stars, on an allium, stripes, on a fish,

seashell, a shiny one, and a kite - some earrings.