Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mr Driftwood goes shopping part 2 and other random events

Miss K is busy outgrowing all her clothes, and my hopes that she could spend the summer in a few long floaty skirts that still fit have been dashed by the excess cold and rain. Mr Driftwood sets off after work and arrives at doorway of very busy clothing shop and looks in horror at the chaos of rows upon rows of brightly coloured clothes, and hundreds (apparently!) of people. imagine a rabbit frozen by the glare of car headlights....... about to run away in horror he is rescued by helpful assistant who asks those precious words "can I help?". "I need this" producing phone and showing photograph. Miss K now has some leggings and Mr Driftwood politely points out that it is possible to get things delivered on the internet..........

it has rained a LOT this week. and not light drizzly rain. no no. BIG rain. ironically it was not raining the one day we had an indoor activity planned, a family trip to see Horrid Henry the movie. which was much loved by the children.

and we've done baking, lots of baking. special requests included butterfly buns. with only some mild confusion when someone thought you put custard in them.???? I think the rain might be getting to everyone......... I am wary of asking it to stop raining though. last time I said "ok enough stop raining now" it did. and started snowing, a Lot. I am not ready for that yet.......


  1. Snow?! Don't!

    I think Mr Driftwood is very brave. Mr DC hides in the Apple shop when we visit either clothes shops or the scary bear workshop.

  2. Tut tut Mr Driftwood, someone needs more shopping practice and I sincerely hope he hasn't got the same affliction that some people have when they make a rotten cup of tea in order never to be asked again!!!!!

  3. Oh no definitely not ready for snow--just made another batch of ice pops! Though raining here today too...

    K x


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