Thursday 11 August 2011

beach art or bodies on the beach?

one night last week J and I found ourselves watching Vera, a police tv drama. not that unusual there are a lot of such things, but this one was unusual in that it was set in the North East. Usually London, Oxford or New York are the settings for crimes, so we found ourselves entranced to see Newcastle, Tyneside and much more locally Dunstanburgh castle as the location for the discovery of bodies.....

Craster to Dunstanburgh is one of our favourite walks, so the next night after dinner we found ourselves wandering along the shoreline, chatting, collecting shells, and keeping an eye open for dead bodies just incase.

imagine our surprise when we found not just one body, but several!

and we added one for someone else to find. (the one in the dress!)


  1. LOVELOVELOVE stone people. LOVE them. Did you meet DCI (or whatever) Vera trying to solve the multiple murders of the Stonies??
    PS Need a really easy-to-read-but-not-too-trashy book for the hols. Any recommendations?? x

  2. Lol, those are brilliant... I'll have to remember that for next time we go down the beach. I'll have to check out that programme too .

  3. How beautiful! (Love the rest of your photos too.)

  4. They're fab! I want to go and play with pebbles and seaweed now. I like the idea of random people adding to the collection, all in their own style.

  5. When I took my mum to Oxford she kept on saying "I saw this place in this police drama" and "Inspector X found a body here"

    These stone people are great. I think we may make some in our backyard.

  6. Ha - love these - must do them with the little one one day when she is older. Just saw them on Lisa's blog too!

  7. I love this. thank you so much for sharing, it is so refreshing from street art! other wise known as graffiti.

  8. Love those stone people and the stone mouse/sheep


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