Friday 31 December 2010

happy new year


may it be happy, healthy, and filled with friendships xxxxx

Friday 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

wishing you a very happy Christmas

I hope it is truly special

filled with loved ones,

and special moments

and a truly magical day. xxxx

Saturday 18 December 2010


we are about to set off on the pre Christmas visiting trip. parents, in-laws, siblings, siblings in-law, nephews, nieces, aunties, uncles, a cat, the nice people at the motorway services, they are all on the list.....

there was a small delay in departure as we dealt with the water that poured through the ceiling whilst Miss K was in the shower, which shorted out the boiler so the heating wouldn't come on. this has now been resolved.

back Wednesday, please please please - NO snow xxxxxx

Wednesday 15 December 2010

the advent calendar

every morning when the advent calendars are opened the children tell me what they have inside.

Miss K: "I've got a bell"

E: "I've got a flux capacitor"

me: "are you sure it's not a Christmas pudding?"

the evidence has been eaten so now we'll never know.

Tuesday 14 December 2010

spiral crochet scarf tutorial

This spiral crochet scarf is so easy I am relying on it to solve all my last minute gift dramas.

so far I have made three - purple, red and lilac. it works in any yarn, just use a crochet hook that suits. I've used lacy/ribbon yarn, cotton and oh so soft cashmere, and one of the my friends at knitting this morning was making one in Aran wool that looked amazing, and grew super fast!

make a LONG chain. you'll need about 200 - 230 chains, depending on how long you want it. remember that as it curls it will shorten a bit.

count in 3 stitches from the hook (these will form the turning chain) and treble crochet into the next chain. now do TWO treble crochets into each chain until you reach the end.

make a turning chain of 3 stitches and repeat row one, doing TWO trebles into each stitch until you reach the end.

you can do a third row if you like, repeating the same pattern as above.

or just sit and admire the spirally delights the pattern creates.
beware this is a very addictive pattern. let me know if you make one, I'd love to see. xxx

PS. this is in English crochet - an English treble (tr) is an American double (dc)

the birthday weekend

cake 1. sponge with cream and jam filling and icing sugar dusting. requested by Miss K - now 12.

cake 2. a chocolate tray bake cake with white icing and a LOT of hundreds and thousands. joint cake for a combined trip to the pool to play on the inflatables. no photo. all eaten......

cake 3. chocolate cake with jam filling. and puffles. requested by E - now 10.
he originally wanted this cake,
there are times when I wish we didn't live 30 miles from either of these stores, but then again.......

cake 4 really needs to be the Christmas cake. but I'm just having a lie down in a dark room.

Monday 6 December 2010

splash of colour December

looking out of my kitchen window at the only green thing in the garden that isn't buried in snow I was inspired to create some splashes of colour to adorn it.

one muffin tin, some scraps of wool, cranberries, raisins and orange peel and a few minutes later into the freezer they went. once frozen out they went, and in a tiny moment of sun they glistened, and the birds have already started feasting.
they seemed the perfect start to Emma's splash of colour week,

as did this sky.

as you can see we still have plenty of snow, but the roads are clearer now. thank you for all your kind words on my last post, the child is fine now, a one off scare we hope.

Tuesday 30 November 2010


ok, enough is enough

the snow can go now.

I was getting a bit stir crazy yesterday, when the only reason you've been outside is to sledge, shovel or trying to save your gutters from the weight of 20 inches of snow so they don't collapse, whilst looking after children (mine and my neighbours two boys- she was 25 miles away having chemotherapy...) who don't have school, you can lose your perspective on life a little.

this morning the same neighbours eldest child collapsed and was unconscious on the floor.

and the ambulance couldn't get here because of the snow.

he is ok, but my nerves are shot to bits. I can't bear to think how his mum and dad are feeling.

Sunday 28 November 2010

the benefits of snow

I fear yesterday's post was a bit moaning myrtle like, so today I am focusing on the benefits of snow.

you can start gorgeous new crochet projects,

you can make mince pies and decorate them with LOADS of icing sugar - after all they might as well match the outside world.

the neighbours are being wonderful, we have shared shovels, cleared each others paths, checked everyone is alright, and this morning our friend with a 4x4 is braving the shops, and has taken a list of emergency rations - milk for tea, eggs for baking x

we got a digger yesterday, the children had lots of fun watching him create giant piles of snow

and that party that was cancelled - it was re-instated as an open house, everyone took something (mince pies, tiny iced buns and popcorn from us - food that looked like snow!) and we decorated the driveway with candles in the snow -sooooooooooooo pretty

and of course when it's snowy it's important to make sure you are dressed appropriately,
and lastly,

it is just so beautiful x

Saturday 27 November 2010


craft fair - cancelled

my parents visit - cancelled

my friends 40th birthday party - cancelled

my trip to the city for lunch with a friend/John Lewis/birthday and Christmas shopping - cancelled

E's cub pack holiday - cancelled

school yesterday - cancelled

these are yesterdays photos, there's more now......................
I have eaten lots of cake to compensate, and because of all the shovelling I don't feel at all guilty about the calories, perhaps snow isn't that bad after all xxx

Thursday 25 November 2010

here we go again

time for a corner of the garden update I think.
oh look, it's all white............


just as well I got a useful present for mothers day!

Wednesday 24 November 2010

in which we pick a winner

thanks for all the lovely party suggestions! you all have great taste in partying! I shall compose a party post soon, but meanwhile with the help of some bits of paper and a bowl in the traditional way I pulled out a winner and it was
Felicity - congratulations. Felicity has a new baby, some online shopping will be just the perfect treat for her I hope x

in other news this week Miss K has lost 2 teeth, about time, the new teeth were getting pushed all over the place as they had nowhere to go, hopefully they can now straighten up by themselves or else I see a lot of dentist visits in the future... Miss K has clearly sussed out the tooth fairy, but is unwilling to own up this knowledge in case the monetary bonuses disappear. On both occasions at bedtime she has said very helpfully "my tooth is over there mummy".......................

the house is getting taken over by random crafty delights, E is really hoping I don't sell these at the craft fair tomorrow, as he wants them for our tree. I have promised to make more if they do. why do I say these things.....?

and there are buttony brooches galore. who knows - these could become a new style Christmas decoration too...............

and just because I need to be reminded of the positive things about rain - another of yesterdays rainbows. I got soaked three times yesterday, really really soaked. and guess what I have to go out again now. and it's absolutely heaving it down...................................

Monday 15 November 2010

a party giveaway with a difference.

I missed my blogs birthday again..... and so in an attempt to make up I'm having a "party", and the party bag for one lucky visitor will be a £25 gift voucher for csn stores UK.

Eileen from CSN stores contacted me and offered a giveaway. These are her words describing the company. "CSN Stores has amazing online stores where you can find everything from beautiful bedroom furniture to cookware to chic lighting pieces"

I picked out these things for a chic tea party

but of course you can choose whatever you like.

available from

a few rules.

leave me a comment telling me what your "must have" party food/decoration is.
for an extra entry mention this giveaway on your blog, and then leave me another comment telling me you've done it.
for another extra entry become a follower and leave me a comment telling me (or mention if you already follow and I'll give you an extra entry.)

UK residents only please
please make sure I can find your email address, or that you have a public profile so I can contact you.

I did not recieve any compensation for this post, I simply chose to pass the offer on. The winners email will be forwarded to CSN stores who will send you the gift voucher.

giveway will close on Wednesday 24th Nov 2010, 9am GMT.

Thursday 11 November 2010

Wednesday 10 November 2010


things that are making me happy today.

orchids flowering
blue skies - and I mean really blue.
crisp piles of fallen leaves calling out to be jumped in.
a cup of tea with a friend.

sorting through photographs from the weekend, and remembering the shreaks of joy at the sparklers.
sparklers - love them!
a bag of apples waiting to be peeled and made into crumble.
blue skies.

our new biscuit tin which just had to come home with me. I expect my little helpers will empty it for me...
blue skies - did I mention that already.

what's making you happy today?

Thursday 4 November 2010

Silverpebbles splash of colour - post 1

feeling a little lacking in colour?

the prospect of winter making you feel blue?

Emma has the solution. a winter splash of colour.

so here is my first contribution. these flowers were a treat for me from J, they smell amazing, and the sight of them makes me so content. the lillies are up very high , so the cats don't get pollen on them, and I keep pinching out the stamens. must do this one....

and I couldn't do justice to the incredible colour of this rose, if there's more light tomorrow I'll try again.

and a bit of bright buttony goodness, I've been having lots of fun with these x

but if the gloomy damp weather is really driving you mad you could always take some advice from Freddie
"find something colourful and then sleep on it"