Tuesday 14 December 2010

the birthday weekend

cake 1. sponge with cream and jam filling and icing sugar dusting. requested by Miss K - now 12.

cake 2. a chocolate tray bake cake with white icing and a LOT of hundreds and thousands. joint cake for a combined trip to the pool to play on the inflatables. no photo. all eaten......

cake 3. chocolate cake with jam filling. and puffles. requested by E - now 10.
he originally wanted this cake,
there are times when I wish we didn't live 30 miles from either of these stores, but then again.......

cake 4 really needs to be the Christmas cake. but I'm just having a lie down in a dark room.


  1. Your puffle cake looks much better than the oddly laser printed commercial one. And yours will have been yummy!!!

  2. Please can I come into the dark room too? Ax

  3. That is some serious cake baking! I think you definitely deserve a lie down! K x

  4. Goodness. All that and Christmas. No wonder you need lie down!

  5. Wow. I'm impressed. I struggle to make one birthday cake (and usually end up decorating it in the morning with my daughter helping and using store-bought icing).

    Hope someone will spoil you during Christmas time!

  6. Phew - alllll that cake!

    Looks good though.

    Nina xxx


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