Monday, 6 December 2010

splash of colour December

looking out of my kitchen window at the only green thing in the garden that isn't buried in snow I was inspired to create some splashes of colour to adorn it.

one muffin tin, some scraps of wool, cranberries, raisins and orange peel and a few minutes later into the freezer they went. once frozen out they went, and in a tiny moment of sun they glistened, and the birds have already started feasting.
they seemed the perfect start to Emma's splash of colour week,

as did this sky.

as you can see we still have plenty of snow, but the roads are clearer now. thank you for all your kind words on my last post, the child is fine now, a one off scare we hope.


  1. WOW! That sky is unbelievable! WOW!

  2. I have no words for that sky :)

  3. great idea for feeding the birds - awesome sky pic

  4. Gorgeous picture and what a pretty idea for bird feeding!
    Helen x

  5. I'm going to nick your birdie a la carte idea. I love it. Great for the Beansprouts to do when school stops.

    Hope my thawing/melting thoughts helped. Still a far cry from Florida sun though... Ax

  6. Oh. My.

    I love your bird feeder idea, and I love the sky photo, and I love this post.

    And I am tired and I want to go to bed but beaded snowflaes will not wait!!

  7. So clever. I once made an ice bowl/candle thingy here for Christmas but I never thought about one for the birds!


    PS snow has finally arrived in Montreal today!

  8. You made that sky up. Pure fabrication.

    And you have some very lucky birdies... xoxo

  9. Oh that sky is amazing! And love your little bird feeders. Much prettier than the ones we crafted in Rainbows!

    K x

  10. Wowser, what a post.Stunning sky, Gorgeous bird snackage. Gorgeous.

  11. Beautiful sky and it is a great idea to include colour in your bird feeding. What a simple and lovely idea.

  12. Oh, that sky! You stole it from me. I saw a similar one yesterday, and wanted to photograph it, but I was driving the pesky children to the pesky nativity and couldn't stop.

  13. Gorgeous sky, super photo! Glad the birds are getting some sustenance, we're feeding them too but not as stylishly as you though.

    Kate x

  14. Hi Tess
    my give away items came today! they are really lovely, i'll take some photos and do a post in the week! hope you have a lovely week end!
    fliss xxx


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