Tuesday, 30 November 2010


ok, enough is enough

the snow can go now.

I was getting a bit stir crazy yesterday, when the only reason you've been outside is to sledge, shovel or trying to save your gutters from the weight of 20 inches of snow so they don't collapse, whilst looking after children (mine and my neighbours two boys- she was 25 miles away having chemotherapy...) who don't have school, you can lose your perspective on life a little.

this morning the same neighbours eldest child collapsed and was unconscious on the floor.

and the ambulance couldn't get here because of the snow.

he is ok, but my nerves are shot to bits. I can't bear to think how his mum and dad are feeling.


  1. Blimey. I thought I was having a bad week. Puts things into perspective a bit. Melt. Now. Ax

  2. Oh, that sounds like hell on earth. If I could get up there to melt the wretched stuff for you, I would.

    Sending good thoughts and wishes for your neighbour and her family - how awful - and strength to you. You're a good friend and I bet they're incredibly grateful to you.

  3. Oh my goodness you poor thing, and of course your poor neighbours too, so pleased that child is ok. I'm holding your hand here, in a cyber kind of way and the kettle's on. Deep breath now ..

    We finally got snow today and I'm not pleased at all. Bah humbug! x

  4. OM what a terrible time for you. Sending lots of warm snow melting thoughts your way. Hope it gets better soon.

  5. Eeek! Poor you. I've had a few moments like that recently too ... just keep telling yourself 'this too shall pass!'

  6. Oh dear that does sound grim. Hope all is well now.

  7. *hugs* Your poor neighbours and you - so much stress. Hope it will get warmer soon.

  8. Oh no - that sounds very scary. I do hope things are improving and that it was nothing too serious.

    Stay warm

    T x

  9. Sending you wishes for a better day today. What a nightmare you went through! Well done for coping. Sometimes life just gets so weird and difficult and then suddenly it all goes back to normal. I do hope that happens for you SOON.
    Helen x

  10. Oh lord! Everything is okay now though, yes?

  11. Blimey 'o' riley - my nerves are on end just reading your post.

    I hope all is ok?

    take care

    Nina xxx

  12. Oh gosh. That does sound like too much--snow and stress. Any chance of melting soon?

    K x

  13. Bless your heart, Ms. T! That sounds absolutely horrific. I mean, the forced hibernation is bad enough without medical catastrophes. Sending nerve-settling vibes and lots of hugs. xoxoxo

  14. Sorry to hear this. We have our first day so are excited though hubby can't work & he is self employed so no pay.
    Hope the lad is OK

  15. Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment.
    You've has so much snow for so much longer than us and 2 days here was enough!
    I hope everyone is ok after all the recent events.
    Lisa x
    p.slove the xmas puds you made for the craft fair, gorgeous.

  16. Good grief. What you must have felt - terror no doubt. What was wrong?

    I am wishing your snow away right now.

  17. blimey Tess, hope all is ok now?
    You're a great friend and neighbour for doing all you have done, am sure your neighbour is massively grateful.Sending heatwaves your way my lovely x


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