Wednesday, 10 November 2010


things that are making me happy today.

orchids flowering
blue skies - and I mean really blue.
crisp piles of fallen leaves calling out to be jumped in.
a cup of tea with a friend.

sorting through photographs from the weekend, and remembering the shreaks of joy at the sparklers.
sparklers - love them!
a bag of apples waiting to be peeled and made into crumble.
blue skies.

our new biscuit tin which just had to come home with me. I expect my little helpers will empty it for me...
blue skies - did I mention that already.

what's making you happy today?


  1. I am happy too. No more work til Monday, blue skies, popping to the shops with SmallerBean for a teeny bit of girlie retail, delicious olives in the fridge, seeing the long tailed tits in next doors pear tree and yes, blue skies. Thanks for your comments over on Magic, means lots to me. Ax

  2. Blue skies! I could throw a party for having seen them today.

  3. A big cheer for blue skies and sunshine!

    K x

  4. And the biscuit tin is pretty fabby too...

    K x

  5. Sparklers would make me happy too! Today I'm happy because I have the day off tomorrow! Woo hoo!

  6. Sewing, cutting out with friends, making soup, collecting eggs, a warm dog on my cold feet...

  7. A phone call from MissM and her friend, the Sassy MissS from the top of a double decker bus in Piccadilly Circus

  8. But were the skies blue at all? Hmmm...

    Making me happy: your post! The last roses of the season, quiet time with chocolate, playing a hilarious modified baseball game in my garden with Little Lad, husband and sister while waiting for pizza to arrive...

  9. All sweet happy things. How cheering your blog is today. I'm visiting via Kate at harmony and rosie and enjoying it very much.

  10. what a fun biscuit tin! Making me happy today was the Country Living Christmas fair where I spent a delightful day with a very good friend. We sat and chatted more than we shopped! A good sign and better for the bank balance of course!


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