Friday 29 May 2009

foaming seas

these photos of the foaming sea are a good representation of how I feel inside.

crashing and swirling and being carried on the waves

watch out or you'll get wet

swirling patterns distract me

and oops I get washed up

but I am resilient, and with the next big wave I'm back in the sea.....
apparently this kind of foam is called spume, and is formed in the same way as the head on a pint of beer, due to thousands of tiny bubbles within the sea. I kind of like the idea of those tiny bubbles, each one bobbing about in the surf, sounds fun.
this house hunting nonsense is hard work you know, and perhaps I need to cut down on wine/caffeine a bit............. oh and somehow I also need to convince my hubby that buying a house with dodgy wiring is not irresponsible - it's potential, and that the houses he keeps picking out with matchobx sized gardens might be alright for him, but I'm not going if we have to have one of those....... I feel that rental is the only option until we can find a compromise. that or I'll just have to buy the house with the dodgy wiring whilst he's out at work, anyone got any advise on forging signatures........

Wednesday 27 May 2009

just checking in

hello there, feels like a long time since I've posted. I'd love to tell you all about the amazing house we're going to buy, but we haven't found it yet............. we've seens LOTS of not at all suitable houses, including some real horrors, and one utterly amazing and totally gorgeous absolutely impractical grade 2 listed house with NO garden - can't have that then, but it was lovely.......

at the moment we're trying to decide if we're brave enough to make an offer on a too small very ugly old bungalow, and knock the inside to bits, and add an extension on at the back, and then sit and look at the lovely big garden.

meanwhile there has been quite a lot of cake, some chocolate and the odd bottle of wine...... and I wonder why I keep getting the houses muddled up...

hopefully there'll be a decision soon, or we'll have to start looking for somewhere to rent.

back soon x

Wednesday 20 May 2009


now that's what I call driftwood.

Monday 18 May 2009

always take a serious amount of cake

it is very important when house hunting to pack a serious amount of cake.

it wouldn't do to go hungry.....

you should also enlist the help of an angel

not get distracted by a game of run away from the waves

or by delighting in your very long legs in your shadow

and at the end of a very long day, you should take a deep breath, take in the incredible scenery, and be thankful that although you haven't found anywhere to live, you've had the most wonderful family day out....

Tuesday 12 May 2009

I think my children are speaking a different language

a conversation with E.......

did you have fun at cubs?

yes. look I got a personal safety badge.

fantastic. what did you have to do for that?

no idea

a conversation with Miss K..........

did you have fun at guides?

yes it was great, we put tents up inside, but ours fell down

what did you use to make them stay up?


Sunday 10 May 2009

buttons will never be the same again..........

it's been a very buttony weekend.

some of us read this,

whilst the youngest family member preferred this.

some of us were frightened by these

and some by the buttony eyes...........

when the stories had been read there followed a debate, 2D or 3D.
2D won - less scary we thought............

later we discussed the need for a boy character in the film when he isn't in the book.

and then we watched a different kind of button, scary in a faster sort of way.

Wednesday 6 May 2009

the driftwood car part 2

last Thursday we finally resolved the car crisis, and a new car has come to live with us.

I really wish I could say it was like this, (photo from here)but sadly it is not....

instead it is big and black, with tinted windows...... yes my friends, this is no longer the blog of a cake loving, chocolate eating, crochet discoverer, who loves her sewing machine.
no - this is now the blog of a gangster. I feel like the mafia as I drive about in it......

aaaahh - driving.
Thursday - drive from showroom to home - distance 1/4 mile. no. of times in wrong gear - three
all weekend - lots of driving practise - no of course not, I let hubby drive........
Tuesday - no. of times I stall car - one
no. of times I try to pull off in 3rd gear - three
no. of times I roll forward whilst trying to get car out of VERY TIGHT parking space - four
no. of times I get out to check how much room I have - one
no. of times I nearly cry - one
no. of times I tell myself "get real - of course you can do it you silly woman" - once
no. of emergency sweets from my bag - five - ( Thank you Lynn, these also came in very useful when E poured hot chocolate all over himself at the car showroom on Thursday, and then got quite upset.....)

they are truly wonderful sweets, I am especially reassured by the lack of depleted uranium.

no. of times the children have squealed with excitement about riding in new car - too many to count!
no. of cups of tea I had when I got home - just one, but it is very special tea from a very special friend (yes Lynn - you again!), see how green it is.

look she sent me this oh so pretty fabric too.

I'm making her a birthday present because it might be her birthday soon, do you think she will guess what it is?

Friday 1 May 2009

walking the walls

walking the walls is one of my favourite things to do whenever I need to go into the city. why walk through the traffic, avoiding the pedestrians, and the tourists taking photos when instead you can go a different way and

as if by magic you are transported from the hustle and bustle, noise and traffic of the streets and up into another world.

enter the walls through a huge oak door, and then climb and climb up the steep narrow steps.

and out you come, suddenly transported up in the sky

up into the leaf canopy, and the road noise is replaced by the sound of birds and the wind rustling through the leaves

walk round and climb some more, then peep through the leaf canopy into the gardens of houses that back onto the walls, this one is of one of my favourite cafes,

and then past a tiny hidden gem of a bluebell wood, nestled in the middle of the city

every so often you catch a glimpse of the towering spires of the Minster

and past the spot where we took after Easter daffodil photos,

walk past gorgeous hidden gardens

hidden treasures which can only be looked at although these steps look just sooooo tempting........

and then the time comes to go back down........

where if you need a reminder of your walk you can make a brass rubbing to take with you.

anything to delay going back into the real world.........