Wednesday, 6 May 2009

the driftwood car part 2

last Thursday we finally resolved the car crisis, and a new car has come to live with us.

I really wish I could say it was like this, (photo from here)but sadly it is not....

instead it is big and black, with tinted windows...... yes my friends, this is no longer the blog of a cake loving, chocolate eating, crochet discoverer, who loves her sewing machine.
no - this is now the blog of a gangster. I feel like the mafia as I drive about in it......

aaaahh - driving.
Thursday - drive from showroom to home - distance 1/4 mile. no. of times in wrong gear - three
all weekend - lots of driving practise - no of course not, I let hubby drive........
Tuesday - no. of times I stall car - one
no. of times I try to pull off in 3rd gear - three
no. of times I roll forward whilst trying to get car out of VERY TIGHT parking space - four
no. of times I get out to check how much room I have - one
no. of times I nearly cry - one
no. of times I tell myself "get real - of course you can do it you silly woman" - once
no. of emergency sweets from my bag - five - ( Thank you Lynn, these also came in very useful when E poured hot chocolate all over himself at the car showroom on Thursday, and then got quite upset.....)

they are truly wonderful sweets, I am especially reassured by the lack of depleted uranium.

no. of times the children have squealed with excitement about riding in new car - too many to count!
no. of cups of tea I had when I got home - just one, but it is very special tea from a very special friend (yes Lynn - you again!), see how green it is.

look she sent me this oh so pretty fabric too.

I'm making her a birthday present because it might be her birthday soon, do you think she will guess what it is?


  1. Oooh, I think I might have an inkling what that is - what a fab present it will be!

  2. I used to love driving a car when I did (years ago now), but i'm glad I don't drive in England (specially London).

    Good luck with getting the car under control.

  3. the pressie looks good :-)
    and lovely things sent to you as well!
    i drove a mafia car until very recently although i loved the automatic gear box so a lot harder with a manual but you will be flying round with not a care in the world soon ;-)
    lesley x

  4. Ohhhhh dear - I hate driving so I can completely sympathise!

    I hope you get the hang of the new car soon and if you get any stick (especially from men) just remember your 'gangster' persona though don't forget the dark glasses!

    The sweets look delicious as well - lucky you.

    take care,

    Nina x

  5. Ooh! Ooh! I'm all a-twitter! Tantalized! And also chagrined, because you've introduced me to all of your readers and I didn't even have a chance to comb my hair first (there's probably a bit of garden dirt in it, too).

    Can't help noticing that you failed to mention that you are both mafia and JEDI. What a combo. (Also can't help noticing that I should have ironed that scrap of fabric first. Sigh...)

  6. It does take a while to get used to a new car and I always hate getting used to a new one. It won't take lomng though.

  7. ooooh beautiful fabric...perfect for spring sewing :o)


  8. The gangster thing cracked me up! I can only park my car in places that are on the left hand side and prefer if I can drive through (so I don't have to back out later!).
    Love the fabric!

  9. I don't know about uranium in the sweets, but it looks like there is Kryptonite in that tea to make it that colour.

    (If you ever have problems parking think of me shouting "Come on! You could get a bus in there, darlin'!". I always wanted to do that. In a Mockney accent, natch)

  10. You made me giggle! I can totally relate to your driving woes. I'm like this most times I go out in the car. I don't really drive that often and I hate it! But next time I will think of you and know that I'm not alone! x

  11. What a lot of lovely things have been going on here since I last paid a visit! I love love love the cushions and the ripply cover and the quilt - well what can I say except you have been VERY busy!!!

    I hope the car settles down and that you have a lovely weekend.


  12. I had a mafia car once! People were scared. Very scared!


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