Friday, 29 May 2009

foaming seas

these photos of the foaming sea are a good representation of how I feel inside.

crashing and swirling and being carried on the waves

watch out or you'll get wet

swirling patterns distract me

and oops I get washed up

but I am resilient, and with the next big wave I'm back in the sea.....
apparently this kind of foam is called spume, and is formed in the same way as the head on a pint of beer, due to thousands of tiny bubbles within the sea. I kind of like the idea of those tiny bubbles, each one bobbing about in the surf, sounds fun.
this house hunting nonsense is hard work you know, and perhaps I need to cut down on wine/caffeine a bit............. oh and somehow I also need to convince my hubby that buying a house with dodgy wiring is not irresponsible - it's potential, and that the houses he keeps picking out with matchobx sized gardens might be alright for him, but I'm not going if we have to have one of those....... I feel that rental is the only option until we can find a compromise. that or I'll just have to buy the house with the dodgy wiring whilst he's out at work, anyone got any advise on forging signatures........


  1. oh wiring schmiring

    we would have blown up years ago if we'd kept the original wiring in the Coffee House

  2. My sister swears she will never sell and buy all in one go again. When they moved down to Devon they went into rented for 6 months and took their time to find the right place to buy. It was so much less hassle and worth every extra penny spent on rent, etc.

  3. Forging signatures just needs a really good scanner/camera and photoshop....

    I like that its called "spume". Seems like it would also be a good name for a house


  4. We rented before we found the right place, it was the best thing we did. Maybe in this financial climate it may make sense to not rush - I have never been able to forge a signature I'm too honest for my own good sometimes!

    Now 'Spume' that sounds quite naughty to me! Darn that mucky mind!

    take care and have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  5. Ugh, housebuying. I can't imagine what a pain it must be to be trying to sell and buy at the same time.

    Dodgy wiring sounds like a pain, but it can be fixed - but there's no way to enlarge a tiny garden ...

  6. Ooh, Val makes a good point! As for spume -- it sounds a little too much like sputum to me. Had to say it...

  7. I would have never thought of renting but it makes sense ... you can't be having a matchbox garden what is Mr Driftwood thinking ? We saw spume at Seahouses yesterday - greta name for it :-)

  8. That is a good analogy. Sometimes I feel like foamy crashy waves too.

  9. We rented before we bought our current house, that was 12 years ago. The rented house was great, I was sorry to leave it. It would give you breathing space to find the right house to suit all your needs. Good luck in your search whatever you decide on. xx

  10. We rented before and that was the best we did. You will find something!!

  11. Good luck with your decision. My sister used to say... the right one will come along and it will be fate... Used to drive me nuts!! I think renting's the way forward unless you get 'that feeling'. Not sure what 'that feeling' is but everyone said we had to have it!

  12. Fate decides such big decisions, so you must keep faith in it.
    And no no no to the small garden!

  13. Our last two moves have been of the sell, rent, sell kind. It's been a lot less stressful...finger's crossed for you that a solution comes your way soon!

  14. Hmmm, actually I meant, sell, rent, buy...!!!

  15. Good luck with the house hunt. Sounds like you have a lot of dilemmas. Hope you find the right house soon! I think next time we move we'll definitely look into renting first - co-ordinating the sale and purchase last time round was hard!


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