Sunday 30 May 2010

finally some crafting

finished! my sister -in -laws birthday socks.

only a month late. not too bad for me............

and with the socks finished and the rain lashing down outside I finally got back to my scrap quilt. A basket of random strips, close your eyes and pick one.

it's coming together at last.
now if it would just stop raining I could get back to the meccano project......

Monday 24 May 2010

the garden makeover continues

it's been makeover week for the garden shed.

from this,
to this.
and then the painting was followed by a bit of giant mechano construction.
which might take us quite some time.................................

Saturday 22 May 2010

health and safety

E arrives late last night at cub camp and gets his own personal safety talk

Akela: I just need to tell you there have been some Adders spotted nearby
E: no response
Akela: but it's ok, there's no need to worry, they are much more frightened of you, and they'll run away.
E: no reaction
Akela: and they can't get in the tents
E: still no response

Akela: E do you know what an Adder is?
E: no
Akela: it's a snake

E: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggggggggggggghhhhhhhh....................

sometimes not knowing is better.

Tuesday 11 May 2010

yet more cake

you are great you know. I've had such a week of baking you wouldn't believe it.
and it worked.

I feel much better

if only it were as easy for the car.................. (still waiting on a part.......)

I've made Tessa Kiros's carrot cake recipe, which was great - AND I got to use a cookbook that I own and have never cooked from, tick one off the list! but I used a different recipe for the icing, as I didn't have the ingredients, or the energy to walk to the shops (no car...........)
there's been rhubarb and orange cake, I can't pretend I was trying to be healthy, it's just there was rhubarb waiting to be used up, and it has SO much sugar in it. good though. especially with some cream.
and there's been some chocolate brownies, no raspberries in them though. but still good.
there are NO photos.
nothing lasted that long

tonight there will be lemon drizzle courtesy of the coffee lady which is funny because she was the first commenter picked by my random number generator

The coffee lady followed by
Jill - I should have listened to my mother

send me an email with your addresses and a little something will find it's way to you.

Miss K will be VERY pleased about the lemon drizzle because it is her fave, and she's got SAT's all week, and is getting a bit weary. lemon drizzle to the rescue!

and just in case you think I grew these amazing tulips, I didn't, just photographed them whilst out trying to walk off the odd cake related calorie or two...........

other efforts to offset a few calories have been garden related, whilst J has been trying to build a greenhouse base I've been trying to protect everything from frost................... so far our veggie patch is growing a lot of baby poly tunnels xxx

Thursday 6 May 2010


yesterday I was feeling quite grumpy as the car is still broken (we got it back, and went one mile in it before it broke again.......) and apparently needs some complicated part that is on back order.....
so I cheered myself up with spotty ribbons. x

today I am feeling quite grumpy as the shop I've been selling bags and tea cosies through in York for the last couple of years suddenly today returned all my stock.

with no explanation, no little note saying these aren't selling, or we're having a clear out and need room for new stock, do you mind. no. nothing. just a box with a list of what's been returned.

so guess, what, this is my 300th post, and suddenly I have in front of me some nice tote bags and brooches, the odd keyring or two and so how about a giveaway.

now because I'm feeling grumpy and in need of tea and cake what you have to do is leave me a comment (preferably one which I can get back to you on) telling me which is your favourite cake, and if you want to tell me which recipe you use then even better. I'll leave it open for about a week, so you have plenty of time to decide which cake is your favourite. I'm off to do some baking - I'm going to start with rhubarb and orange cake - recipe link in the side bar. xxx

Wednesday 5 May 2010

things that are making me smile

things that are making me smile

gorgeous spotty ribbons from patch - go and visit. I bet you can't resist.

a lovely scented heart from Dream Acres

messages from friends

a conversation in the car

E: "daddy why does the entrance to the tunnel look like the tube on the hoover?"
Me: "daddy don't forget to toot the horn"
E: "Why mummy?"
Me: "because Grandpa always does it when we drive into tunnels, you have to toot to scare away the bears."
E: "there are no bears mummy"
Me: "well of course not, we've tooted the horn."