Tuesday, 11 May 2010

yet more cake

you are great you know. I've had such a week of baking you wouldn't believe it.
and it worked.

I feel much better

if only it were as easy for the car.................. (still waiting on a part.......)

I've made Tessa Kiros's carrot cake recipe, which was great - AND I got to use a cookbook that I own and have never cooked from, tick one off the list! but I used a different recipe for the icing, as I didn't have the ingredients, or the energy to walk to the shops (no car...........)
there's been rhubarb and orange cake, I can't pretend I was trying to be healthy, it's just there was rhubarb waiting to be used up, and it has SO much sugar in it. good though. especially with some cream.
and there's been some chocolate brownies, no raspberries in them though. but still good.
there are NO photos.
nothing lasted that long

tonight there will be lemon drizzle courtesy of the coffee lady which is funny because she was the first commenter picked by my random number generator

The coffee lady followed by
Jill - I should have listened to my mother

send me an email with your addresses and a little something will find it's way to you.

Miss K will be VERY pleased about the lemon drizzle because it is her fave, and she's got SAT's all week, and is getting a bit weary. lemon drizzle to the rescue!

and just in case you think I grew these amazing tulips, I didn't, just photographed them whilst out trying to walk off the odd cake related calorie or two...........

other efforts to offset a few calories have been garden related, whilst J has been trying to build a greenhouse base I've been trying to protect everything from frost................... so far our veggie patch is growing a lot of baby poly tunnels xxx


  1. I am beyond excited! That drizzle cake recipe is the one that got me into baking. It used to be legendary on Mumsnet - I hope you enjoy it!

  2. I am very very excited indeed! Hurray for cakes.

  3. Oh, poor MissK - hope she's holding up OK. Only 2 days to go.

    Congrats to the winners. I shall try not to pout too much.

  4. Mmm! Your house definitely sounds like it was the place to be this week. Still keeping fingers (and now toes) crossed for the car... K x

  5. Thanks for making me drool all over myself. Yuck.

    In fact, I have gained so much weight just reading about your baking exploits that I am going to need to high-tail it out to my OWN garden to do some heavy labor...


  6. SATs - poor girl, must feel a bit unfair to have to do them specially because some other schools are boycotting them.

    Since I don't have that many plants in my garden I'm just hoping for the best. Though I'm tempted to try to grow some tomatos/cucumbers in the polytunnel next year to get them a bit earlier - but I suspect we don't have enough space in our garden to make it worthwhile. It will be so interesting to see what work you'll do in your new garden

  7. Love the tulip photos--beautiful! Mmmmm, cake! Congrats to the winners. Hope the car gets better soon, I know how awful it is to be without one.

  8. I'll always settle for lovely pictures of tulips if I can't have photos of yummy cakes.

  9. It was a competition?!?! I would have tried much harder if I had known- tch!
    Hope you enjoyed your lemon drizzle cake.
    Lovely tulips!

  10. Frost in May - how bonkers is that? I'm still shivering down here as well!

    Nina xxx

  11. oh no SATS .. poor thing, we have GCSE starting this week !!!

    Happy cake days xx

  12. I have several unused tessa kiros book on my shelves - I shall go search for the carrot cake recipe

  13. Congratulations to the winners. I would have loved to have been your neighbor this week while you were doing all that baking. I would have found numerous excuses to come on by. We are having car trouble too. It is such a nuisanse.
    Keeping fingers crossed for Miss K.

  14. Tess pop over you have an award Jx

  15. I love cake! It's all about the cake as far as I am concerned. Excellent baking and I'm going to look at that tessa recipe now also from the book I haven't cooked from, but just look at dreamily. L x


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