Saturday, 22 May 2010

health and safety

E arrives late last night at cub camp and gets his own personal safety talk

Akela: I just need to tell you there have been some Adders spotted nearby
E: no response
Akela: but it's ok, there's no need to worry, they are much more frightened of you, and they'll run away.
E: no reaction
Akela: and they can't get in the tents
E: still no response

Akela: E do you know what an Adder is?
E: no
Akela: it's a snake

E: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggggggggggggghhhhhhhh....................

sometimes not knowing is better.


  1. Sorry I laughed at that.

    Am wondering if E stands for the same as E does in our house? My E has been a beaver/cub/scout and now almost an Explorer. Same bar of soap has been to every camp since he was 8 - its remained unused!!

  2. No2's ambition in life is to find an adder!

  3. That would totally freak me out - I'm petified of snakes.

    I've just arrived home to a wonderful surprise - your parcel full of lovely things. Thank you so much.

    Have a lovely weekend enjoying this beautiful sunshine.

    Jill x

  4. Poor E!!!! Did he go racing home as fast as his feet would carry him?

    I was a bit unnerved on May Day weekend when Little Lad and I visited friends who live in a lovely straw-bale house on a bluff in Kansas. On their deck was the head of a rattlesnake dispatched by the dad a week earlier. Fortunately no additional encounters...

  5. I see what you mean. I would actually love to see an adder, however I'm obviously not 9 so that might change things slightly. x

  6. That would make me go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh too! I freaked out when we had a harmless little snake climbing up our rose bush!

  7. I feel mean for laughing

    And at the same time I know I would run a mile and scream more than imaginable, so maybe I'm laughing more at myself?

  8. Awww, poor E - I'd have done the same thing!

  9. Amen! I just had a snake incident myself. Scared the stew out of me.


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