Thursday 26 January 2012

handpicked. flowers, a review and a givewaway!

for the first time this year I have something other than mud in my garden! what a thrill it is to look out and see signs of life. "So far" it's not been a harsh winter, especially compared to the last two, (although I'm not getting complacent, there's time yet.............................)

Anyway check out these gorgeous little snowdrops, they make me smile with their gentle simplicity, no brash colours, or fancy frills, just nodding heads gracefully bowing.
With the encouragement and inspiration of many lovely blogs, I have really enjoyed starting the act of growing and picking a few flowers and bringing them in the house, but last year I was constantly in search of teeny tiny vases to display the few little buds that I collected.
A recent email with the lovely people at the handpicked collection has solved my display problems beautifully.
This teeny tiny little caterpillar bud vase has six little bubble like spheres, perfect for one delicate little bloom.

Product name: Caterpillar Bud Vase
Product price: £9.95
Product details: Glass. Size: 24cm x 6cm.
Stockist name: The Handpicked Collection
Stockist phone: 0844 482 9736
Stockist website:

The handpicked collection have a great range of products, there are some really lovely things that would make great gift ideas for Valentines or Mother's Day or just because....  My vase came very quickly and was packaged with those disolving packing peanuts, top marks from me there.  I am looking forward to spring bringing me more flowers to fill it with. I should like to have a different flower in each ball I think.

Now for the good bit,
 if you want a of caterpillar bud vases of your own, either
a)pop over and buy one - if you're quick they're in the sale!
b) UK readers can leave me a comment telling me which item they like best on the website and next Friday 3rd Feb I'll randomly draw a winner who will get a lovely vase in the post direct from the Handpicked Collection.

and just because I dont show my face often, here's me, with my pretty new vase gracing the mantelpiece, so you can see how cute and teeny tiny it really is. Lovely.

Monday 9 January 2012

happy new knitting

I think I may have fallen into some sort of time vortex as the last two weeks have disappeared without me realising, and it is now far too late to do a last year round up, or a new years aspirations post, or just new years wishes, so instead how about some happy new knitting.

I've cast on a shawl using the sock yarn I bought at the knitting and stitching show, it's supposedly a very simple pattern, that uses yarn overs to create eyelets and to increase the shape. It was all going so well till I dropped the middle marker and then put it back in the wrong place...... oh well,  I just have a unique placement of holes that's all.......

Mostly I am mesmerized by the colour changes, and enjoying watching it grow and grow.
Have you started any happy new projects?