Monday 27 September 2010

7 things

happy Monday everyone. after a gloriously unexpectedly sunny day yesterday, today everything is wet and grey....... so I was very happy to be brightened up with a blog award from Tabiboo, thanks Nina.
it comes with a tag of 7 things about me. I've done a few of these before and they are fun, but I'm not sure I can think of a single thing about me today, so I am going to share 7 things to do this week instead. with a few random photos.

1. finish this quilt........ I've made the binding , don't you just love how it looks all rolled up, almost too pretty to unroll, but then the quilt will take even longer....and think of a name, any quilt that takes this long deserves a name.

2. have a long chat with both my children about pets. they both want a new pet. 2 cats is not enough... Miss K would like a dog, really really like a dog. or a polar bear. why a polar bear? well so it can eat a certain boy in her class who annoys her apparently.... E would like a small pet he can keep in his room. first it was a hamster, until I pointed out we have 2 cats. then he wanted stick insects, but decided they might not be good to play with??? so his new choice. a tiger.

3. finish my book for book club, ok - I'll be honest, start my book for book club....

4. order Everyday by Bill Granger from the library, as recommended by the coffee lady, I'm so hoping it will have the answer to all my midweek meal dilemmas. as mentioned in a previous tag I have quite a few cookbooks, but then again I never actually use them. this one. this one will be the answer.

5. stop drooling over patterns on Ravelry and actually choose a pattern that I want to knit. at the moment I am debating this, or this. oh and I've got some socks to finish.

6. learn to knit cables. otherwise I have no chance of even contemplating no. 5

7. make my dad a chocolate cake. we're going to visit this weekend, as my mum is having surgery on her knee. ok you might think I should be baking for her, but she much prefers flowers to cakes. my dad however, he is a great fan of cake. and who am I to deny him. after all if there is baking to be done then I am happy to oblige. I might also need to make a few cookies and perhaps a cupcake or two....

and now to pass it on, I have to choose 5 people so here goes,Sheila, Lynn, Nancy, Alison, and Emma.

I hope you are having a good start to the week.
what are your plans?
hope there's cake in there somewhere xxx

Thursday 23 September 2010

what's your 5 year dream?

thank you for all the best wishes, but it was not to be.
apparently I don't have enough experience -
strange how's it's ever so hard to get the experience without actually doing the job, but never mind, I got an interview, and that's good experience - apparently........actually it was awful - full of ridiculous questions like "where do you see yourself in 5 years time?" for goodness sake.........

so where do I want to be in 5 years time.

mmm - how about on a beach in the Bahama's sipping cocktails.

what about you, what's your dream 5 year plan?

back to reality, I've got baking to do, I'm going to a World's biggest coffee morning tomorrow, I thought I'd made some chocolate chip cookies.

Wednesday 22 September 2010


number of days since I last posted - 9
number of decent reasons for abscence - 0
number of jars of chutney made - 10
number of jars of bramble jam - 6
numbers of photos taken during this fun time - 0
numbers of jobs I've applied for in last week - 2
numbers of interviews I have - 1

9.30 tomorrow............

wish me luck.

Tuesday 14 September 2010


I am struggling to embrace the coming of Autumn.

I am hoping these will help.

what do you think? what are your feelings about the seasons changing?

Monday 13 September 2010


with the children back into school, and laundry mountain under control (for now....) I have finally found some time. time to enjoy the contents of a swap parcel from Dawn, I love it, and the red wool is oh so soft, I need to find the perfect project for it.

time to do a few more rounds of my socks (they grew this far on the train to London and back and haven't since...........)

time to discover hexagons. such fun. there will never be enough for a blanket, but maybe the tiniest cushion in the world. xox

time to rediscover my sewing machine, and play, just because.

time to catch up on some blogging, I've missed everyone, and it's good to visit.
but now it will soon be time for the house to be filled again, with noisy hungry children,
time to make a quick batch of cookies I think.