Monday, 27 September 2010

7 things

happy Monday everyone. after a gloriously unexpectedly sunny day yesterday, today everything is wet and grey....... so I was very happy to be brightened up with a blog award from Tabiboo, thanks Nina.
it comes with a tag of 7 things about me. I've done a few of these before and they are fun, but I'm not sure I can think of a single thing about me today, so I am going to share 7 things to do this week instead. with a few random photos.

1. finish this quilt........ I've made the binding , don't you just love how it looks all rolled up, almost too pretty to unroll, but then the quilt will take even longer....and think of a name, any quilt that takes this long deserves a name.

2. have a long chat with both my children about pets. they both want a new pet. 2 cats is not enough... Miss K would like a dog, really really like a dog. or a polar bear. why a polar bear? well so it can eat a certain boy in her class who annoys her apparently.... E would like a small pet he can keep in his room. first it was a hamster, until I pointed out we have 2 cats. then he wanted stick insects, but decided they might not be good to play with??? so his new choice. a tiger.

3. finish my book for book club, ok - I'll be honest, start my book for book club....

4. order Everyday by Bill Granger from the library, as recommended by the coffee lady, I'm so hoping it will have the answer to all my midweek meal dilemmas. as mentioned in a previous tag I have quite a few cookbooks, but then again I never actually use them. this one. this one will be the answer.

5. stop drooling over patterns on Ravelry and actually choose a pattern that I want to knit. at the moment I am debating this, or this. oh and I've got some socks to finish.

6. learn to knit cables. otherwise I have no chance of even contemplating no. 5

7. make my dad a chocolate cake. we're going to visit this weekend, as my mum is having surgery on her knee. ok you might think I should be baking for her, but she much prefers flowers to cakes. my dad however, he is a great fan of cake. and who am I to deny him. after all if there is baking to be done then I am happy to oblige. I might also need to make a few cookies and perhaps a cupcake or two....

and now to pass it on, I have to choose 5 people so here goes,Sheila, Lynn, Nancy, Alison, and Emma.

I hope you are having a good start to the week.
what are your plans?
hope there's cake in there somewhere xxx


  1. Cables are easy--trust me--then you must do the wrist warmers! And do let me know if Everyday is indeed the answer!

    K x

  2. Ooooo cables!! Cables are such fun!!

  3. Hope everything on your 'to do' list turns out as well as the beautiful work in those photos!

  4. Love your list though to be honest I nearly did that yesterday as trying to come up with seven things was a lot harder then I thought.

    Hope to achieve all this week.

    Nina xxx

  5. Cables aren't nearly as hard as you think they are. I'm making Fetching at the mo - another one to look up on Ravelry!

    Will be interested to see how you & Bill work out ...

  6. :-) My daughter wants chickens and a penguin *eye-roll*. We can't have either, though I want some chickens as well, but our garden isn't big enough and I bet neighbours won't be very receptive. Maybe hamster could work if your son makes sure to keep him in the cage and only let him out with the door closed, no cats in the room and his close supervision.

    Ravelry - do the wrist-warmers first :-). I keep on adding things to my Ravelry queue, but barely find time to knit/crochet one item in two months.

    Have a good week and I hope you'll managed to get at least few of the things done.

  7. my quilting is sitting there getting bored of being folded up and crying out to be finished...why is it always so hard to get to the end!?
    I love your list x

  8. I'm having a problem thinking of 7 things too .... as for your cables I was quite scared of doing them but I practised on a square first and they really are quite easy - love the warmers but I don't do knitting in the round !!

  9. make the handwarners first as, easy as cables are, its better to start with something smaller!

    and please get a tiger AND a polar bear. Then I can show the Lovely pictures of them and we won't have to get either


  10. I'm not having any pets ever; not after the fish debacle.

  11. I loved reading your list of 7 things to do this week. Now I must go and do the things on my own list - some of which are a bit dull! The things you've made look lovely - and the rolled up quilt looks beautiful - quilts do look interesting folded or rolled - it shows up lots of different and surprising effects with the colours and patterns doesn't it?.
    Helen x

  12. Ooh me? Me? OK, I'll get onto it.

    That quilt is so beautiful - I love the leafy stitching. Oh, and don't talk to me about book club - I'm so behind!

  13. That's me!!! I've been blogawarded!!! I had to double check with that it was truly real and me!
    Thank you so much I am truly touched.
    Will try to fit in a post with seven things about me and pass it on to five others VERY SOON.
    Thank you, Ax

  14. Oooh, love the rolled up quilt--it is too beautiful to unroll. Miss K's philosophy behind getting a polar bear is quite sound I think! ;)
    Cake sounds very good this week. Hope your mum's surgery goes well.

  15. Ms. T! My computer appears to be dying, and my mail program (with list of RSS feeds) was the first thing to go. So here I am, belatedly, to say oh goodie thanks for choosing me! I shall meme up a storm as soon as I am comfortably back in computer land...


  16. Well what can I say? Congratulations first on your lovely award! Now that list of things to do this week is awesome!! Love, love, love the quilt and all the embroidery photos - so calming embroidery.
    Pets!!! We had guinea pigs for a while (Ginger and Pickles!!!!) and they were pretty well behaved. I can't do mice, rats or snails!!! Now we have Max but no little people! I fancy a nice little West Highland White Terrier called Angus!!! Have a great weekend and I will try to do my 7 things over the weekend - thanks so much for choosing me.


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