Thursday 26 February 2015

a week of sequins and decision making.

it's been a balancing act this week, parenting two children, having two very different weeks.

A levels options evening for the girl.

so many decisions to make.
Maths? Further Maths? English literature? Politics? Business Studies?

 a week of costume sewing for the boy.

I think I could sew sequins in my sleep. 
Whilst dreaming of "facilitating subjects" of course.........

Saturday 21 February 2015

fridge wit

I really dislike fridge magnets.

I put up with years of the children having brightly coloured letters which they picked off the fridge door and left on the floor to be trodden on in bare feet, not good........

When we moved here the fridge was in a cupboard, hurray no magnetic surfaces, no more endless bits of paper stuck to/falling off the fridge.

When that fridge broke we replaced it with a free standing one.  And I told the children a big fat fib.
"Silver fridges aren't magnetic"
They believed me for years until a neighbour bought the exact same fridge, and they spied fridge magnets all over hers. Bother, I was caught out, so I just admitted my hatred for fridge magnets.....
The fridge remained magnet free until last weekend, a clear out of a drawer turned up this set of Shakespeare words, the children fell upon them and soon they were all over the side of the fridge....

Every now and then you find someone standing there perusing the words, making another silly sentence.

 Even me........

ps. shiny fridges not good background for photographs, apologies for the blurry shots.........

Sunday 15 February 2015

blue skies at the beach

blue sky

big sand

frothy waves

imposing castle

gorgeous reflections.

a perfect walk on the beach x

Tuesday 3 February 2015

star quilt progress

I've finished the piecing. November 2013-January 2015.

size 90 inches x 100 inches.
or 34  x 38 squares. = 1292 squares.
consisting of;
500 blue triangle squares
500 green triangle squares.
125 blue squares
125 green squares.
42 white squares.

I've pieced a back together from some large pieces of liberty I bought to make a sundress and a shirt and never did....... but I'm not happy with the arrangement, so I need to have another go at it, I think I'll cut the paler section on the left in half lengthways, and sew the other section to the right of the dark fabric. it might balance it. or not. I shouldn't obsess too much, it's the back after all.

I'm also dithering over ordering wadding. I usually use quilters dream blend, but this quilt is HUGE, and I think that will be too heavy, so I'm wondering about warm and natural.  It could be that in all reality that all I am doing is procrastinating about actually quilting the thing!

Sunday 1 February 2015


the February calendar informs me we must celebrate international do nothing day, create an air of mystery day, and crazy hair day. I am slightly concerned about this last one. I am quite capable of this being every day, and now wonder how I am going to limit my crazy hair to only one day of legitimacy......

mostly I am looking forward to pancakes. 
with syrup, or fruit, or lemon and sugar, but NEVER savoury. that's just wrong.