Monday 30 August 2010


sometimes, just occasionally

when you take a cup of tea into the garden in search of a quiet moment

you have to back into the house in search of a camera

and you find yourself so mesmerized that you actually forget to drink your tea.............

Monday 23 August 2010

a guest post

meet Tabby, today's guest blogger.

Hi everyone, I'm Tabby and I'm going to take you with me on my big adventure, with photos by Miss K, guest blog photographer.

get your ticket, and come along for the ride.

hold on tight now, this train is quite bumpy.

gosh I never knew there was such culture to be read on the train.

ok, now we've arrived at our hotel, and we're getting ready to set off for a big night out.

but what's this? there are only FOUR tickets. where's mine......?

I am too young and small apparently. I might get lost, and it will be well past my bedtime.
I can get tucked up in bed.

and Miss K will take photos for me to look at later.

the next morning we set off to look for a new job for me.
just in case guest blogger doesn't suit me.
ships cat?

cat fighter pilot?



no, too tiring, I shall have a nap here instead.

no actually here in the V&A garden is more like it.

I shall be a flowercat.

what's this? - more tickets, well they're not leaving me behind this time, I shall hide in Miss K's pocket and sing along.

gosh all this sightseeing is making me hungry, maybe I can reach up and have a chew on these old bones?

no, I think a fishy treat is on the menu. what do you mean it's a mammal. well I'm not eating it then.

I shall have chips!

gosh that was hard work, time for another nap I think.
lovely to meet you all. thanks for coming on my big adventure.
normal blogging and sock photos will be back soon apparently. xoxo

Tuesday 10 August 2010

important packing

we're going on a trip tomorrow, and I need to pack.
train tickets.
theatre tickets
stadium tickets
a picnic
extra snacks....... (can't risk running out of cake!)
and other very useful things.

but most important of all I need to pack my new socks
well I need something to do on the train.
as well as listening to the inevitable "are we there yet?"

back soon, have fun while I'm away.

what do you pack when you go away?

Monday 9 August 2010

friary day - or the in need of tranquility day

Saturday was a very hectic day. fun. exciting. thrilling. and exhausting.
which thankfully meant that Sunday morning the youngest visitor slept a lot later than she did on Saturday morning...

we decided to go in search of beautiful gardens, and tranquility.
and possibly cake.

through the very gorgeous gate ( I want one of these soooooo much - don't know where I'd put it but......)

past St Francis

and pause to admire the amazing view.

down below there is plenty of activity, games, challenges and cake,

but I am more enchanted by the gorgeous gardens

love love love these dahlias

this one was almost glowing it was so bright

and there were dainty ballerina skirted blooms too

and fiery red hot flames of colour

and I decided that monastic life might be quite tempting, I could sit in those gorgeous gardens, and contemplate life, and admire the view.
perhaps not all the time, but for summer holiday frazzled mums it would be lovely if they ran an after school club xoxo

the wonders of village shows

when you have a house full of visitors, some who get up very early
"Auntie Tess is it MORNING YET?"
then you have plenty of time to do baking before breakfast.
and if you need a healthy snack later, the cool green smoothie machine comes to the rescue.

when you need to entertain your visitors then what better than dogs chasing a tea towel?

in the exhibit tent there's a prize for Mr Driftwood and his photos,

and for some stripes!

and prizes for Miss K

but tears for E, not because he didn't win (in fact he did win with his biscuit) but because I didn't tell him there was a lego modelling competiton..........
"and all the entries are just from kits mummy, and I would have built a proper model, and I've never ever seen a lego competition before...... sob sob"
bad mummy of the year prize goes to me then.......................

he had to eat all the rockbuns,

and some bright blue biscuits before he felt better, and forgave me...........

Monday 2 August 2010


purple is what happens to your kitchen when you defrost the freezer and find a mixture of berries leftover from last summer....

and purple is the sweet sweet smell of berries bubbling away.

and purple is the sight of jars of thick syrupy jelly waiting to be splodged onto scones.....

purple is also the jewelled centres of portable crumble, inspired by Emma. thanks Emma it's delicious x

and out in the garden, purple is amongst the tinge of grey in these thistles

and in the clematis creeping over from next door's garden

borrowed purple is just as beautiful xxx