Monday 9 August 2010

the wonders of village shows

when you have a house full of visitors, some who get up very early
"Auntie Tess is it MORNING YET?"
then you have plenty of time to do baking before breakfast.
and if you need a healthy snack later, the cool green smoothie machine comes to the rescue.

when you need to entertain your visitors then what better than dogs chasing a tea towel?

in the exhibit tent there's a prize for Mr Driftwood and his photos,

and for some stripes!

and prizes for Miss K

but tears for E, not because he didn't win (in fact he did win with his biscuit) but because I didn't tell him there was a lego modelling competiton..........
"and all the entries are just from kits mummy, and I would have built a proper model, and I've never ever seen a lego competition before...... sob sob"
bad mummy of the year prize goes to me then.......................

he had to eat all the rockbuns,

and some bright blue biscuits before he felt better, and forgave me...........


  1. That is so sweet: "I would have built a proper model."

  2. What a talented bunch you Driftwoods are. It all sounds idyllic. Sock envy going on in Cambridge. Ax

  3. I'm still giggling at the dog chasing a tea towel! Pip goes mad for a towel for some strange reason...

    Well done on such a prolific amount of prizes!

  4. Congratulations on all those prizes. What a great family thing to do. I love the idea of village shows - I want to move to the country - now!

  5. i love the fact that competitions still exist! my granny used to enter her children's photos as her own in the village mum never forgave her! Love the blue biscuit triumph x

  6. Mummy how could you?!

    Poor E - however I think bribing with biscuits was probably a good mood!

    ps. word v is 'blest' - its like blogger knew

  7. What a talented family you are! And he can always start planning his model for next year. He'll have a head start! K x


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