Monday, 23 August 2010

a guest post

meet Tabby, today's guest blogger.

Hi everyone, I'm Tabby and I'm going to take you with me on my big adventure, with photos by Miss K, guest blog photographer.

get your ticket, and come along for the ride.

hold on tight now, this train is quite bumpy.

gosh I never knew there was such culture to be read on the train.

ok, now we've arrived at our hotel, and we're getting ready to set off for a big night out.

but what's this? there are only FOUR tickets. where's mine......?

I am too young and small apparently. I might get lost, and it will be well past my bedtime.
I can get tucked up in bed.

and Miss K will take photos for me to look at later.

the next morning we set off to look for a new job for me.
just in case guest blogger doesn't suit me.
ships cat?

cat fighter pilot?



no, too tiring, I shall have a nap here instead.

no actually here in the V&A garden is more like it.

I shall be a flowercat.

what's this? - more tickets, well they're not leaving me behind this time, I shall hide in Miss K's pocket and sing along.

gosh all this sightseeing is making me hungry, maybe I can reach up and have a chew on these old bones?

no, I think a fishy treat is on the menu. what do you mean it's a mammal. well I'm not eating it then.

I shall have chips!

gosh that was hard work, time for another nap I think.
lovely to meet you all. thanks for coming on my big adventure.
normal blogging and sock photos will be back soon apparently. xoxo


  1. Tabby- Good Morning to you. Loved your debut guest post. Funnily enough, Tab, I have a post almost ready to go of a similar ilk although you mustn't read it if you are scared of dogs...

    Hope your trip down to the Big Smoke hasn't tired you out too much- there are still quite a few summer holiday days left.

    Please post again, love Ax

  2. Hello there Tabby - you definitely look like a flowercat to me!!

  3. Very cute post Tabby and Miss K! Great photos!

  4. I love your post, Tabby! Cats are the best, whatever kind they are. :)

  5. Oh, Tabby, what an adventure you had!! Hope they take you along next time, too!

    (Please deliver some hugs from me to Tess, will you?)

  6. Goodness you went to an awful lot of places and I am very envious of your chippy chips. Tell me about being a cathematician. Does involve counting sparrows that you might like to, er, make friends with?


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